A grand effort – more than 1,000 healthcare workers roll up their sleeves for flu jab in a bid to cut staff illness


More than 1,000 healthcare staff across Swindon have been given a flu jab in the first week of a campaign to cut staff absences over the winter months.

The figure represents about 20 per cent of the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust workforce.

Medical director Dr Guy Rooney said: “Free flu jabs have been offered to all our teams for several years now but this year looks like it’ll be more important than ever to get vaccinated as early as possible. This one quick thing will help us to stay fighting fit for our patients during the busy winter we’re all expecting.”

Much more than just a cough or a cold, flu has the potential to keep even the fittest person in bed for up to a week with symptoms ranging from aching muscles and a fever to severe fatigue and generally feeling weak.

The Trust is keen to build on the success of the 2016 flu season, when around 60 per cent of staff had the vaccine.

To find out more about flu, and where to get the flu jab, visit the NHS Choices website.