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   ,7 €,                                                                    & TOURS                      -

                    Me 6t SHq#tdm'                                                            Adult   Child
                ,'                                       Thursday 4th June Swanage             £4.50   £3.50
                                                         Sunday 7th June Lynton & Lynmouth     £4.50   £3.50
                 YOUR LOCAL COUNCILLORS                  Wednesday 10th June Stratford upon Avon
                  Toothill, Westlea & Shaw                 & Warwick                           £3.50   £2.50
                 Thamesdown Borough Council              Sunday 21st June Cardiff or Barry Island   £4.00   £3.00
   Tony Free, Toothill Farmhouse, Bodiam Drive, Toothill.   Wednesday 24th June Hampton Court

   Tel: 619834.                                            & Kew Gardens                       £4.00   £3.00
   Ricky Midwinter, 4 Anglesey Close, Westlea. Tel: 873537.   Details of all June excursions are in our leaflet-out now!
   Peter Stoddart, 9 Fairlawn, Liden. Tel: 692812.       Enquiries and bookings: Fleming Way Kiosk, near Primarktel: 615399.
                   Wiltshire County Council
   Alan Winmill, I The Holbeins, Freshbrook. Tel: 875129.
                                                                        Thamesdown Transport
                  Freshbrook & Grange Park                      7/r ENQUIRIES & BOOKINGS:
                 Thamesdown Borough Council             -
                                                            FLEMING WAY KIOSK, NEAR PRIMARK, tel. 615399 -
   Simon Cordon, 89a Victoria Road, Swindon. Tel: 47626.
   Martin Leighfield, 29 Lambert Close, Freshbrook. Tel: 692305.
   Bob Pixton, 12 Lambert Close, Freshbrook. Tel: 695317.               HILLIER
                   Wiltshire County Council
   Simon Cordon -  as above.                                                FUNERAL
                                                                         SERVICE LTD
   Arrivals Officer: Pam Pixton, Tel: 695317.                   55 Victoria Road
                                                                                   252 Whitworth Road
   Newcomers Coffee Morning: Tuesday 10-11 .30am in the                                 Swindon
   Community Suite, Link Centre.                                   Swindon
                                                                                       Tel: 22145
                                                                   Tel: 22797
                                                                PRIVATE CHAPELS OF REST
                  LOCAL HEALTH SERVICES
                          Doctors                                   24-hour personal service
   Doctors: Ketkar, Flowers, Matheson, Nixon, Holdon, Chippendale,
   Swinyard, Ashington Way Surgery, Ashington. Tel: 614840.           throughout the year
   Doctor G Ready, Freshbrook Village Centre. Tel: 870494.
   Doctor Godbole, Ramleaze Drive, Shaw. Tel: 874894.         A FAMILY BUSINESS OFFERING HELP
   Doctor Kandiah, 1 Deerhurst Way, Toothill. Tel: 511253.
   Heath Visitor Team, 4 Deerhurst Way, Toothill. Tel: 642133/610459.   AND ADVICE WHEN MOST NEEDED
   Baby Clinics Mon 2-4pm 4 Deerhurst Way, Toothill.
              Wed 2-4pm Greendown School, Grange Park.
              Thurs 2-4pm Freshbrook Community Centre.
              Fri 2-4pm Upper Shaw Farm, Shaw Ridge.                       ASHINGTON WAY
   Family Planning: Free clinic on 1st & 3rd Wednesday of month
   6-8pm 5 Deerhurst Way. No appointment necessary.                             PHARMACY
   Coopers, West Swindon Centre - Open 8am-8pm Mon-Sat.                          WESTLEA
   Tel: 872033.
   Ashington Way Pharmacy  -  Open 8.30am-6pm Mon-Fri.
   Sat -  8.30am-12 noon. Sun- 11.30am-12.30pm. Tel: 616840.
   Brendan Ball & Associates, Freshbrook Village Centre.                        Stockists of
   Tel: 873044.                                                        Nelsons Homeopathic Remedies
   Mrs Beagley, Town Square, West Swindon Centre. Tel: 872340.           Antica Erboristeria Products
                   Hearing Aid Practitioners                               New World Cassettes
   Wiltshire Hearing Services. Tel: 873067.
                                                                        Relaxation & Learning Tapes
              WELFARE BENEFITS ADVICE POINT                    Mon - Fri 8.30 - 6pmSat 8.30 -  12 Sun 11.30- 12.30
         Welfare Benefits, Housing, Debt Counselling Advice                   Tel. Sw. 616840
   West Swindon Advice Centre, 15 Gainsborough Way,
   Freshbrook on Mon 1-3pm, Wed & Fri l0am-12 noon.
   Toothill Community Centre, Tuesday 10am- 12 noon.
                                                         Morrison & Masters
   A Housing Advice Service is available to tenants of houses rented   TOWN SQUARE, WEST SWINDON CENTRE.
   from Thamesdown Borough Council. Mike Weston is available to
   give information and advice every Tuesday 2pm-4.30pm at                  TEL. 870055
   Toothill Community Centre. Tenants should note that it is not
   possible to pay rent at the advice sessions.                                 for
                                                             House Sales and Purchases and all Property Work
                       THE CHURCH
   Anglican -Methodist -  U. R.C. -Baptist.                            (written estimates given)
   Church Office Tel: 874221.
   Freshbrook Evangelical Church. Tel: 694157.                    Divorce, Criminal and all Court work
   St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church. Tel: 874400.
                                                                          Wills and Probates
           RING: 771534 or 872282                        Also at 20 Commercial Road, Swindon, Telephone 26601
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