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                                                                                         "THE  CURTAIN LADY
                                                            The complete curtain making service from your own fabric.
                                                                        "From measuring to hanging"
                                                                       Call SwindOn 874688 for details.

                                                                                         For a high standard
                                                             Pce€ct .toøe
                                                                                               of work
                                                                                       with references available
                                                             Painter and Decorator
                                                                                             phone now
                                                              Tel: Swindon 870515
                                                                                         fora FREE estimate.
    The last in a series of photographs   AN ALTERNATIVE
    showing West Swindon'sspringfloral   TO D.I.Y.           Reavl
    displays.                                                                             Yca4yq
                               Phillip Stone knows the market            Solid fuel, open fire and stoves.
                               he wants to serve. It's here, in
                                                                         Boilers, cookers and roomheaters,
   IMPROVING YOUR  West Swindon, where he lives.               4
                                                                        also coal/gas effect
                                                                                           firest and stoves.
         OUTLOOK               and decorating trade, much of it  rti
                               After nine years in the painting
       by Clare Beaton                                                   Heating Systems Ltd —Tel: 612060
                               working for sub-contractors on              Visit our showroom at the Orbit Centre
                                                                                 (close to Mays Carpets).
   The longer evenings of June  building sites, Phillip has
   usually see me taking strolls  launched himself as a self-
   around West Swindon; up to  employed decorator.                  GARDEN STONEWARE
   Toothill Park and then maybe a   With backing from the Enter-      TROUGHS • TUBS' ANIMALS • BIRD BATHS
   loop over Shaw Ridge before  prise Allowance Scheme he is                 HALF BARRELS  * URNS
   returning home as dusk falls.  leaving the uncertainty of site-        From craftsman to you direct
   This gives great opportunity to  work to take up the challenge of   Open: Saturday,  Sunday and weekday evenings
   see what other people are growing  serving the private householder.   OAKLANDS ENTERPRISES
   in their gardens - and how suc-  "Painting one brand new house    Braydon, Nr. Wootton Bassett
   cessfully!                  after another got very dull," said      Telephone: 0285 861 564
     Observation suggests that most  Phillip, "I prefer private work
   W. Swindonians want their  because of the variety and the
   garden as somewhere to play  personal contact with the cus-      Al HANDHIRE
   about in or sit about in; an out-  tomer. There's much more satis-
   doors room. I suspect the tradi-  faction in achieving a high stan-  TOOL AND PLANT HIRE
   tional lay-out of lawns dotted  dard of work. Going on my own
   with roses and one tree in a small  is also a great challenge as well."   FOR PROFESSIONAL OR D.I.Y.
   bed really causes more work than   After less than a month in
                                                               CONCRETE BREAKERS   DRILLS   CONCRETE EQUIPMENT
   any one not a keen gardener  business Phillip has made good      GRINDERS   CAR MAINTENANCE   CUTTERS
   enjoys.                     contacts and work is lining up for   WOODWORK   DECORATING EQUIPMENT   GENERATORS
     Perhaps the following ideas  him. He guarantees a quality       TRANSFORMERS   LIGHTING   HEATERS
                                                                      GARDENING COMPACTORS   LADDERS
   may help you change your plot  finish to his workmanship and         DELIVERYAND COLLECTION SERVICE
   into somewhere more relaxing:   will stay on the job until the
   *  Keep bushes and trees to beds  customer is satisfied. His prices   handy
     along the garden boundaries.  are very reasonable and quotes   go.J
     These can replace fences!  are given free of charge and with-                           PARKING
     hedges.                   out obligation. Anybody who           MON-FRI. 8am  -  6pm; SAT. 8am - 5pm
   *                                                           Unit 8, Marlborough Road. Ind. Est. Wootton Bassett.
     Plan a simple lawn area clear  does not have the time or or does
     of small beds, bushes and  not particularly like painting and       Telephone: Swindon 854821
     trees. This will make lawn  decorating won't go wrong talking
     mowing quick and easy, with  to Phillip. At last there is
     fewer edges to trim.      an alternative to D.I.Y. Phillip
     Do you need grass at all?  Stone's telephone number is   The garden
     A combination of paving and  870515.
     gravel would not be over-   IF YOU ARE A SMALL          to be
     expensive for a small garden.   WEST SWINDON            proud 	                          . 	planning
   *  Give plants room to grow;                              of                   lawns
     make your beds wider! This   BUSINESS OFFERING A                      1, t                 construction
     reduces lawn/paving area and   SERVICE TO THE                                         /
                                                                                              plant selection
     allows the plants to look their   COMMUNITY AND WANT
     best.                     TO BE FEATURED IN THE                               '
   The Link Centre Library has   LINK, GET IN TOUCH WITH
   books with many more ideas on

   improving your garden outlook.    THE EDITOR.               '     t 	 THE
                                                                      • patios
                                                                              A 'd
                                                                                     .' 	COMPLETE GARDEN
                                  Clothing Alterations and   sw INDON
                              Repairs Bookkeeping service for
      To advertise in The Link 	                           873357  	                          SERVICE
        Telephone 771534 	                                                              Steve Newstead OND I4ort.
                              Self—Employed Tel: 872096 Mrs
                            11  White, Freshbrook.
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