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         Sponsorship helps Nick to National Championships                                   Shaw Residents
   Go-kart racer Nick Clark keeps                         in his very competitive class. If   Association Meeting
   getting better and better.                             he gets into the top 15 he will be   Thursday 7 September
     Nick, from Meares Drive, Shaw                        able to race in other countries.    7.45p.m.
    first appealed for sponsorship in                       Mansfield Begbie Associates     Shaw Church
    The Link early this year. Local                       have been helping Nick to keep
    insurance brokers and financial                       his kart competitive by supply-  Shaw Village Centre
   advisors Mansfield Begbie Asso-                        ing him with expensive equip-  Guest Speaker: Denis
   ciates came to Nick's assistance                       ment. Hopefully his driving skill   Onley, Thamesdown
   and his results have taken him to   Nick, sponsor on his back, in action   can take him to the top of his   Borough Council
    the British championships in  Rissington where he leads the   class.                Subject: Proposed Shaw
   September.                  pack in the club league table.                             Community Centre
     During August Nick competed   Success in the prestigious na-  W.I. for Shaw
   in an invitation only event which  tional championships in mid- Are you new to the Shaw area?
    was filmed by TVS to be shown  September near Middlesborough  Do you want to meet new friends,   Vet to start
    later in the year. At the begin- might lead Nick to an interna- learn anew hobby, debate topical   practice in area
    ning of September he races in the  tional karting licence. To get there  issues.  If you do Sue Penfold says
    Midland Championships to be  he has had to win many races and  why not join the W.I.   West Swindon will soon have its
    held at his home track at Little  become one of the top 40 drivers   On Monday  18 September,  own veterinary practice, at the
                                                          730p.m. at Holy Trinity Church  new commercial units that were
                                                          there will be a chance for you to  completed two months ago in
                                                          come along and decide on the  Shaw Village Centre.
                                                          formation of a Women's Institute.   The practice is a joint venture
                                                            When you join a W.I. you are  between Alan Robertson who
                                                          part of the largest womens or- runs surgeries at Purton and
                                                          ganisation in Britain. You can  Cricklade and Peter Southerden
                                                          take part in sport, art & drama,  from the Eastcott Hill practice in
       WOOUON BASSETT SALON                               home economics and craft  Swindon.
       41 High Street, Wootton Bassett                    schools, outings to places of his-  "There has long been an acute
       Seperate Mens Salon                                toric interest and debate issues  need for a vet to be based in West
       Open 6 days a week                                 on environment and public af- Swindon, which bordersboth our
       late Night Friday                                  fairs.                     areas," said Alan Robertson. "The
                       SHAW SALON, Shaw Village Centre      Members may attend courses  Shaw surgery will fill a gap be-
                                       Formerly Cut n' Dry   at Denman College (and some- tween our two practices and will
                                Only the name has changed   times take husbands). The W.I.  allow us to provide a better serv-
                               Joanne. Lesley. Shirley & Vicky   has its own magazine. It pub- ice to people living in the West. It
      Tel: 874825           available for Top. Friendly Service    lishes its own books. Come along  will cater mostly for small, do-
                                                          on the evening of  Monday 18  mestic animals. Our other sur-
                                                          Septemberto find out more about  geries will provide back-up
                                                          the W.I. For further details con- where hospitalisation or complex
                                                          tact Sue Penfold on 771208   surgery is required."
                                                                                       The Shaw practice will be one
                                       SHAW VILLAGE
                                                                Lost contact         of the few around to offer eve-
                                           CENTRE         The Shaw Baby Sitting Circle being   fling surgeries with appointments
                                      RAMLEAZE DRIVE      set up by Helen Colley from Plattes   available between 8p.m. and
                                                          Close is coming together nicely and  10p.m. every weekday. It will
                                            SHAW          more parents who want to join are  also be open between 9a.m. and
                                         TEL: 886076      invited to contact her.    12.30p.m. on Saturday mornings.
        DISPENSING                                          A lady from The Bramptons con-  "At present the builders are
     (Miss D. Collet, B. Pharin.)                         tacted Helen some weeks ago, but   fitting out the surgery," said Alan.
                                                          unfortunately she has lost the name   "There's been a great deal of inter-
                                                          and teiphone number. "Please call   est from clients and we're look-
                                                          me again," says Helen.     ing forward to the end of Septem-
                                                            Helen Colley can be contacted on
           N.H.S. DISPENSING                              871779.                    ber when we can open."

        PREGNANCY TESTING                                    Community Centre to be discussed
                                                                      at next S R A meeting
              PATIENT ADVICE                              The July meeting of Shaw Residents Association was the unfortunate victim
                                                          of industrial action. The guest speaker Chris Anis of Thamesdown Borough
                                                          Council was involved in the 6 national strike days of NALGO, one of which
             & COUNSELLING                                proved to be the date of the residents meeting. However vice-chairman, Mr
                                                          Steve Brown armed with maps and plans of the new play area behind the
                                                          shops at Shaw Village Centre, bravely continued with the meeting. The plans
                                                          for the play area were well received and are currently on display in the yellow
                                                          hut behind Shaw Village shops. A few residents expressed concern over the
                OPENING TIMES                             play area to be built at Shaw Ridge, however the Residents Association was
                                                          not given sight of these plans and has therefore been unable to affect the
     Open: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday            decision.
                                                            The landlord of the Village Inn offered to display community notices in the
                    9.00a.m. to 6.30p.m.                  pub. There will also be a notice board in the extension he hopes to have built
                                                          in the future.
              Thursday 9.00a.m. to 5.30p.m.                 The next meeting of the Association is in Shaw Church in the Village Centre
              Saturday 9.00a.m. to 5.00p.m.               on Thursday 7 September at 7.45p.m.  The guest speaker will be Denis
                                                          Onley from Community Development at Thamesdown Borough Council. He
          Closed for Lunch 1.00p.m. to 2.00p.m.           will report on progress on the community centre and will answer residents
                                                          questions on community matters. Any items for the agenda should be sent
                                                          to The Chairman, 3 Randall Crescent, Shaw (tel: 876133) by 1 September.
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