Becoming A Physical Therapy Assistant As A Career

By Swindon Link - 18 February 2020


You know you have a fulfilling career when your needs are met without having to overwork yourself. A good salary, a healthy working environment, and enjoyable day-to-day responsibilities make a job position compelling. This is what makes physical therapy assistance an increasingly popular career.

A physical therapy assistant primarily helps certified physical therapists treat patients through rehabilitation exercises and a myriad of medical treatments to manage pain and recover from mild to severe injuries. However, this job requires certification through a two-year program, which can be quite intensive. If you’re interested in pursuing a medical career in physical therapy, here’s what you need to know:

Having More Than One Workplace

Becoming a physical therapy assistant (PTA) does not necessarily mean that you have to work at a hospital, as physical therapists work at a myriad of institutions and home-based locations. Medical career coaches from, explain that a PTA’s day-to-day tasks can be limited, but working with different employers and in various workplaces make the job lucrative and versatile. PTAs can work in private clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, hospices, academic and research facilities, as well as sports medicine practices. All of these different workplaces allow PTAs to choose their preferred working environment freely.

Average Income

It’s natural to be curious about how much you can potentially make through a career to determine if it is worth the effort. Becoming a physical therapy assistant can be your gateway to making an adequate income. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, physical therapy assistants in 2016 have been reported to earn an average rate of $27 per hour, which is more than a livable income. These rates see a significant increase over the years. 

Taking Advantage of the Benefits

Being a physical therapy assistant offers many benefits. A PTA can go on vacation without having to worry about their time off affecting their income. Any vacation leave for a PTA is a paid one. In addition, PTAs get health insurance that covers almost all their medical needs, regardless of their health condition or how often they need medical attention.   

Getting an Accreditation 

To become a physical therapist assistant, you have to pursue on-campus studies and earn an Associate’s degree from an accredited program. Those programs include classroom readings and clinical courses. In other words, an on-campus degree is essential to cover both theoretical and practical studies. Online degrees in this medical field are not advised. Additionally, choosing a career as a physical therapy assistant is a stepping stone to becoming a physical therapist yourself, as you can later pursue a Bachelor’s degree to qualify as a physical therapist. PTAs can get their accreditation in a minimum of two years.

Many people consider becoming physical therapy assistants for the many benefits that the job offers. People who choose to pursue such a career can later work on becoming physical therapists themselves. Choosing this career can be suitable for many individuals looking for a career shift, as it offers many medical and financial advantages. 

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