Swindon's 10 Green Bottles delivers zero waste dairy products straight to residents' doors

By Jessica Durston - 12 January 2022

  • A range of the products 10 Green Bottles produce and supply

    A range of the products 10 Green Bottles produce and supply

10 Green Bottles, based at Wroughton's Berkeley Farm Dairy, run a zero waste dairy product delivery service for Swindon residents.

  • Ed Gosling with his first milk float after 20 years

    Ed Gosling with his first milk float after 20 years

The Gosling family have been producing and bottling milk at Berkeley Farm Dairy in Wroughton for over 100 years.

In 1908, John Gosling started delivering milk in glass bottles to local residents in Wroughton. The milk rounds continued to grow and by the 1970’s Goslings milk was available all over Swindon. 

Chris from 10 Green Bottles said: "Sadly the rise of cheap milk in plastic bottles from supermarkets led to a huge loss of customers and our milk rounds were discontinued in 2000. Now, after just over 20 years, we are back with a modern approach to doorstep milk delivery in the form of ‘10 Green Bottles’."

10 Green Bottles pride themselves upon being a service that delivers the highest quality dairy products and other locally produced groceries direct to customers' doorsteps twice per week using its solar-charged electric vans.

Most of its products are packaged in glass bottles or jars, that are then returned, washed and reused. Other products, such as butter and bread are packaged in compostable bags.

10 Green Bottles' products are locally produced and manufactured  from the Berekley Farm dairy in Wroughton, using milk from local herds.

Chris added: "Other providers claim to use local milk however this is not necessarily true. All of our milk is organic which means that it has been produced without fertlizers, pesticides, herbicides and hormones."

As well as producing and selling food and drink products, 10 Green Bottles' online shop also includes toiletries and household washing items, and household decorations and essentials. 

10 Green Bottles are currently running an offer where all customers that sign up for subscription deliveries between now and 31 March, will receive a free 500g jar of its Natural Yoghurt with their first delivery.

Once signed up with orders placed, customers can email admin@10green.co.uk with their name and address and quote LINK10GB.

More information about the company and online ordering options can be found on its website at https://www.10green.co.uk/

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