Can Going Green Help Businesses Recruit And Retain Talent?

By Swindon Link - 29 April 2022


The desire to implement more eco-friendly work practices is now common in most industries worldwide. Significant progress is being made yearly, and technological innovations are constantly being introduced.

Still, despite noble intentions, firms aren’t just setting green goals to help the planet. They’re also doing it to attract a new generation of fresh talent, recruiting employees they feel are the most suitable for carrying their companies forward.

Further questions of ethics and character not only influence recruitment drives but retention strategies too. This talent must remain with the business for the longest period possible, helping them to reframe the future with a consistent and passionate voice.

As worker shortages are being felt everywhere, any strategy that can bring in new employees  should be considered more carefully. Here are some of the reasons why going green can help businesses recruit and retain talent.

Emboldening Brand Image

Potential recruits are undoubtedly drawn to companies that are known and reputable. Much can be said for the power of prestige.

Irrefutably, eco-friendly companies are recognised with great esteem in the media. Their ethical activities put them on the map in a way that even profit margins and robust marketing initiatives cannot. Because of these efforts, prospective job candidates will learn more about a company’s character and proactivity more so than they would otherwise.

There is plenty to be impressed by here. Working with non-profit organisations, hosting fundraisers, themed staff parties, carpooling schemes, the list of possible activities, big and small, is endless. It all exudes the company's character and highlights their multi-faceted approach to the world of work. It’s stimulating and exciting and will contribute enormously to attracting top tier job candidates and compelling them to remain with the business once hired.

Customers will flock to these businesses, praising them online through social media and website reviews. Job candidates will likely see this when researching the company before sending their CV and recognise the wealth of opportunities that will surely be available to them in an eco-friendly firm’s employ.

Facilitating Further Investment

Investment is an enormous benefit to companies going green. Every aspect of a company can be seismically enriched.

Eco-friendly companies are more likely to attract the attention of big-name investors and stakeholders. Equipped with larger cash infusions and resources, prospective employees may hear of these successes and wish for a job at the firm receiving such interest. Existing employees may feel privileged to work for the business and feel content that their eco-friendly measures positively impact the firm and wider society.

Economic and job uncertainty has been felt extensively. Today, employees would feel immensely lucky and gratified to know that their business, and their roles, have a promising future. Investment sparked from eco-friendly objectives can contribute to that feeling enormously. 


Developing Internal Opportunities

Investment can be improved when it comes to improving the workforce directly. As new eco-friendly measures and innovations constantly come into effect, enrichment within individual careers is also possible.

For instance, the University of Cambridge offers a business climate change course that is applicable to any type of company or industry. It takes 8 weeks to complete, demanding only 8-10 hours of participation per week. Professionals can learn all about the most present risks to climate change and develop skills to help them assess strategic opportunities that climate change makes possible.

Eco-friendly goals mean employees have more opportunities to develop insightful knowledge and expand their career aspirations in exciting new directions. They can also learn how to optimise collaborative efforts, developing their teamwork and leadership skills in line with eco-conscious objectives.

Businesses should recommend these courses not only to the managerial staff in their business but also to those working beneath them. There is ample room for professional growth here, keeping employees stimulated in their roles and hungry for more information around advancing their skill set. That level of interest and energy can be transformative for a company.

Sharing Important Values

The more staff are unanimous in their decision-making, the better. Staff who understand and share important values will be more inclined to act upon them, so work hard to cultivate a culture that revolves around sustainability in your business.

Going green is a great way to unify a workforce profoundly. These types of operations bring perspective with them, reframing employee’s thinking about what issues matter and which don’t. Colleague’s petty grievances with one another will fade faster when they have goals that contribute to reducing your company’s impact on the environment.

Matched values can facilitate cohesion, teamwork, and feelings of camaraderie too. Employees will have something to talk about other than sales numbers or marketing metrics. The fight for eco-friendliness is ongoing, too, which means fresh updates in the news and world can be discussed and analysed together. It all inspires further unity in ways big and small.

All of this will contribute to a more wholesome company culture. Interviewees may feel this energy when they arrive on your premises to discuss a position. All will experience a warm and inviting atmosphere, and employees old and new may wish their careers to be defined by it for as long as possible.

Facilitating Referral Scheme Success

Happy employees can sometimes be more communicative about their experiences in their jobs. They may discuss their employer and their position more passionately to all who might listen. That sense of pride can carry a business a long way, especially when recruiting and retaining employees.

Eco-friendly firms would do well to take advantage of this positive energy. For instance, they could implement a referral scheme to upscale their recruitment drives. Employees who are put forward for consideration will want to work for these companies because their connection has doted endless praise on the firm, not simply because they are looking for a job.

Moreover, those recommended are highly likely to have eco-friendly values that are similar in strength to the firm's. These employees can quickly get up to speed and contribute to the business, with less time spent attempting to integrate with the culture. More organic fits are assured with each hire here, which will benefit the business long-term.

Many people will avoid discussing their work out of misery or even shame. To run a venture where people feel proud to work will make recruitment thrive if a referral scheme is in place.

Creating Momentum

Unfortunately, businesses have faced numerous setbacks in recent times, with smaller firms particularly suffering challenges with staff shortages and business rates, among other things. Radical change is needed.

Getting stuck in such a fashion can be crippling for companies. Morale can plummet to all-time lows, experienced employees dwell on better days, and hope for career advancement or even job security can be dangerously depleted. 

All the points raised so far carry a business forward into a future more prosperous. A sense of prioritisation can be felt here. Even if other aspects of the firm are dwindling and suffering, having a unifying goal that can supersede economic uncertainty and trading turmoil can keep firms energised, and employees motivated.

Obviously, the hope would be that employees could have bountiful prospects to look forward to in all regards. However, many firms, unfortunately, are suffering in more ways than one today. Having eco-friendly goals to hold onto can help businesses endure these challenges and remain steadfast in their work, inspiring employees to stay.

Going green in business can revitalise the workforce, providing a boost of investment, passion, and pride due to its activities and opportunities.

Mohammed Hassan

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