Empowering Your Employees to Boost Business Productivity

By Jamie Hill - 2 December 2019


Owning a company requires limitless efforts to get everything in order. It’s a nerve-wracking job to sort the finances, pay taxes on time, attend countless meetings and keep your employees satisfied. Content employees lead to the growth of the company and thus need to be specifically taken care of. If you have seen a decline in productivity and sensed a rise in complaints, it is time to change how you deal with your employees.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can empower your employees to boost productivity:

Look for their talents

All employees are different from each other and possess specific and varied talents. You need to discover them individually and appoint more tasks in that direction. Not only will your employees feel encouraged to work, but it will also lead to increased productivity, ultimately benefiting the company. Employees expect constant growth, development, and value, apart from a paycheck. There’s no better way than to focus on their skills and improve them. They will also feel more secure within the company and the chances of them leaving sooner are minimized. As an employer, you need to take the time and effort to analyze individual potentials.

Pay a decent salary

We are not suggesting going overboard, but every employee expects and deserves a decent salary amount. They generally spend 8 to 9 hours of their precious day time in enclosed cubicles, staring at screens. A proper salary would encourage them to come to work and give their input enthusiastically. Consider every employee’s work and progress and give them a raise, based on data analysis, if you are not paying them well. You should also consider your city and location, and average out the living costs and salaries paid in your industry. Living in an expensive city with a below-average salary can be extremely difficult.


Hold training or seminars

At times, your employees might struggle with a few tasks that could decline the company’s progress. Analyzing your employee’s problems and asking them about work troubles could shortlist particular issues and weaknesses that can be targeted. A helpful way to combat this problem is by holding seminars or training sessions. If a group of staff members faces issues when presenting for business, gather them and direct them on presentation suggestions and follow-up questions. Inviting specialists to hold seminars for marketing or respective departments every month or two is extremely useful as well.

Recreational spaces or lounge areas

Your employees work throughout the day with a break of not more than an hour. With strict rules and policies in place, your employees will feel trapped, eventually driving them away. Being easy on the break timings and allowing them to take some fresh air every now and then establishes a flexible working environment that helps a lot.


A great way to provide them with some leisure time is to create recreational areas or lounge spaces where they can simply relax and de-stress. You can add board games, a ping-pong table, foosball or any similar activity for some fun. Your employees will look forward to loosening up with these corporate breathing spaces. Add ‘Fun Fridays’ where everyone at your company wraps up one or two hours before schedule and head towards the lounge areas for an informal rendezvous, with good snacks, pumped-up music, chilled beer and lots of games. It’s a fun way to let your employees know that their breaks and leisure time are important to you, helping in boosting their work performance.

A little flexibility can help

If your employees want some time or a few days off to deal with their problems or simply to take a holiday, allow it without hesitation. You need to specifically address health issues or cut your women employees some slack during their monthly cycles. Bad health will only slow down productivity with overuse of resources, which will affect in the longer run. You could also provide them options like work from home or letting them compensate for work hours lost. In this manner, the company will keep running smoothly and your employees will have their ‘much needed’ break.



If you fear that your employees will take advantage of these changes and all the flexibility that is provided to them, you will always skimp on doing your best. Your employees are hard-working people who deserve all the extra perks; they are humans, after all. A point comes when we all get tired and cannot do anymore. These suggestions will help in reversing this growing feeling in them and ultimately boost productivity. If you are giving so much to your employees, you need to trust that they will pay you back in hard work.


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