Software Programs to Boost Lead Generation on Your Website

By Staff Reporter - 23 June 2020

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It is the process of lead generation that helps businesses identify their leads. It also plays a crucial role in nurturing potential clients or customers who will patronize your business. The importance of a lead generation software cannot be overemphasized given the fact that almost 80 percent of marketing leads are never converted into sales. One main reason for this is the absence of nurturing. And, for businesses to be able to nurture their leads, they need to know exactly who these people are, when they visit your website, what are their preferences and interests. All this information can easily be collected with the help of lead generation software.

Nowadays, lead generation has become an essential element for businesses to become successful in digital marketing. Every business has its own target audience who could be out there somewhere. Therefore, you have to find ways how you can capture their attention and pique their interest so you could also convince them to provide you with their contact information. One of the best ways to do this is to use lead generation software that can help you do just that. However, don’t just pick any other software. You have to look for marketing software reviews and see which ones are the most ideal for your kind of business. Statistics also show that 68 percent of businesses struggle to generate leads. So, don’t let your business be among these statistics and start looking into which lead generation software is the best. Examples of these software programs are the following:


JotForm is a useful tool for lead generation as it helps you create and publish opt-in forms. This software serves as an online form builder that can be used not just for lead generation. If you are in need of job application forms, survey forms and event registration forms JotForm will be your great aid. If you need to speed up the process of collecting order payments by creating a form for it, then use JotForm. With these forms, you can easily collect important information from your customers such as their address, email, phone number, etc. In turn, your sales team can then convert these into paying customers. Just choose the most appropriate form template and then embed this into your website so you can jumpstart the process of generating leads. All the information that you are able to gather will be stored in your JotForm account online. You can then send this information to your chosen CRMs such as ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, or Salesforce. 


HubSpot has been proven helpful in helping small and big businesses generate leads. It comes with software that you can use for sales, marketing, and customer service. HubSpot is a software that integrates technology and form creation together in order to provide businesses with advanced capability in generating leads simultaneously with developing efficient data-driven campaigns. In fact, HubSpot is reputed to be a jack-of-all-trades as it also includes software for marketing automation, analytics, SEO, email marketing, and social media. You can also use this tool when you need to do blogging for inbound marketing. With HubSpot’s social media tool, it will become easier for you to connect with your most valuable customers using time-saving tools. Its blogging tool helps you in optimizing your blog content so that it will be possible for you to convert your readers into paying customers. All these and more in just one software. 




Jumplead consists of several tools that make the process of generating and nurturing leads so much easier. This software works well for small to midsize businesses. It enables you to create lead generation forms that you can embed on your websites. It also helps you to create landing pages and overlays that can help you grab your target audience’s attention by triggering exit content through the creation of a pop-up window. With Jumplead, your lead generation forms can be easily integrated into your email marketing, as well as into your marketing automation efforts so that nurturing your leads would no longer take up so much of your time. Jumplead does a great job of helping you determine which corporate customers have checked into your website. It can also show you who exactly is scrolling through your website as it connects with Google Analytics. In turn, you will also be able to know which pages were visited and the amount of time spent by your website visitors before they converted or exited. Knowing who visited your website allows you to make connections with them through your LinkedIn and any other social media accounts and convert them into regular customers. 

Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics functions as a web visitor tracking tool by collecting IP addresses. This way, you will know which companies have visited your website. This is made possible by Lead Forensics even when they do not take the time to fill out the form. Lead Forensics is very helpful given the fact that web visitors may come from a wide range of backgrounds and you will not know for sure who among them are valuable visitors. As a web visitor checks into your website, his footprint will be left behind, thereby giving you an idea about each visit that he or she makes. Each web visitor’s time and date of the visit will also be recorded. You will also have an idea of which products and services they viewed. In turn, your sales and marketing team can easily come up with strategies for generating interest from your web visitors. With all these detailed insights, you can now easily improve your digital marketing campaigns. With specific data available at your disposal, you now have an idea of what to prioritize and which campaigns to improve for increased conversion rates. 


More than 60 percent of marketers admit that the process of generating traffic and converting leads into paying customers is among their top challenges. Luckily, you now have the above-mentioned tools to choose from and lessen the likelihood of guessing. You can now make definite moves that will help you achieve your business goals in terms of revenue and profit generation.


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