Local business provides fresh lunch delivery service for Swindon people

By Jessica Durston - 23 November 2022

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Community Lunches is a social enterprise that provides a lunch delivery for local people in Swindon.

The Community Lunches team say they are passionate about providing fresh lunches, that are prepared locally and cooked to order.

A spokesperson from the business said: "Our service operates in a similar fashion to a catering company, this allows us to offer extended meal choices and to facilitate altering our menu seasonally. 

"At Community Lunches we can provide a ‘more than a meal’ approach to our service, this can include putting the lunch on a plate, providing a fresh drink and serving the meal to you."

The business are operational seven days a week, and deliver lunches between 11:30am – 2pm.

The cost of a two-course meal is £5.50 per day, per person.

In order to begin lunch time deliveries, the team ask that those interested register to the service. This can be done over the telephone and takes approximately 15 mins to complete. The individual interested can register for themselves, or a family member can do this on their behalf. 

Upon registration, the Community Lunches will arrange for a free sample meal to be delivered to the applicant.

For more information on Community Lunches, members of the public can speak to one of the business' dedicated team members on 0735 505 6232. 

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