Detailed Explanation About Cryptocurrency and How to Trade Them

By Staff Reporter - 13 October 2020


Any cryptocurrency is a virtual currency, but not vice versa. Cryptography systems used to encode and decode complex equations ensure that a cryptocurrency cannot be duplicated, counterfeited, or manipulated like conventional currency. It uses a network of thousands or even millions of computers to relay important information that translates to its status. The popularity of cryptocurrency is a product of its dependence, as being a decentralized financial tool makes it outside the jurisdiction of governments. We’ll be providing you with a detailed overview of cryptocurrency and its trading systems.

The Origin of Cryptocurrency

An unknown and mystical figure/group in the world of cryptography, Satoshi Nakamoto, created the very first cryptocurrency as a byproduct of a different invention they were working on. Bitcoin used what’s known as the blockchain, which was the core invention behind the decentralization of bitcoin. The decision to create a decentralized blockchain was made by Satoshi, as they didn’t like the influence the governments and corporations have over the currency. You don’t need servers or a lot of IT guys to maintain a decentralized cryptocurrency once it gets off the ground because the majority of power and influence are shared between its users.

Trading of Cryptocurrency

Similar to how conventional currencies are traded, cryptocurrencies can be traded as well. While it may not be dependent on governments, it can be still influenced by the market’s supply and demand. There are two main methods to become involved in cryptocurrency trading; exchanges and CFD.

  • CFD (Contract for Difference)

The main thing being traded in a CFD are derivatives. This means that you don’t exactly have to purchase coins to trade them, but rather predict their movement in the cryptocurrency market. There are many types of cryptocurrency that you can predict the movement of. As mentioned by the professionals behind TradingOnlineGuide, bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency traded. If you successfully predict the rise or fall of the price of bitcoin, you can make a lot of money. Even though the concept sounds simple enough for beginners, the currency market is extremely volatile with a lot at stake in many cases due to deposits and leverages.

  • Using an Exchange

Using an exchange is a very popular method of trading cryptocurrency, but the big profits are made by people who can invest big. The currencies you exchange must be owned by you and available in your crypto wallet to be traded. The learning curve of mastering exchanges is not easy because you’ll want to practice the technology first before you invest your money. The accounts can be costly to maintain and require a minimum deposit with most exchanges.

How P2P Networks Work

The main dynamic in the database of a cryptocurrency is one based on the exchange of information. Every peer in the network can freely view every transaction made by an account, which means that you can know the balance of every account on the blockchain network. This doesn’t really mean that people can know who has what, but its existence is solely to ensure that the network doesn’t need an authority figure to validate the transactions. This sole mechanism is the reason why it’s one of the most secure networks in the world, as there are no backdoors that can give you special or privileged access. Every transaction is validated by the whole network after each signage, which is known as p2p technology.

Believed to be the currency of the future by many, and an elaborately complicated concept by others, cryptocurrency continuously making strides in popularity and efficiency. There are endless possibilities when it comes to investing and trading in cryptocurrency, but you have to always be careful and research enough to stay on the safe side.


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