Local housebuilders provide pawfect advice for moving home with pets

By Jessica Durston - 14 April 2023

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Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes has put together their top ten tips during National Pet Month to make moving home easier for those with pets.

National Pet Month runs from 1 April - 1 May, and the local housebuilders are on hand to provide tips for those looking to move homes and move their pets with them.

Andrea Pilgrim, sales director for Barratt Homes Bristol, said: “We’re a nation of animal lovers with 62% of households in the UK owning a pet and more than half a million UK pet owners moving house last year. Hopefully these tips will help smooth the journey for owners and their furry, feline and feathered friends.”

Before the move…

1. Give your pet extra reassurance and attention when you begin packing so they feel safe and secure. Keep them out of the way as much as possible when moving furniture and boxes. Dogs in particular can become anxious and restless when they see boxes, suitcases and furniture being moved.

2. When you pack, leave out your pets’ bedding and toys so they remain surrounded by their familiar things.

3. Before moving day, speak to your vet if your pet suffers from travel sickness or severe anxiety when in the car. There may be something available that can help make your pet feel more relaxed.

During the move…

4. Safe, secure transport for your pet is essential. Cats should be placed in a carrier, even if it’s a short journey. Dogs should be restrained appropriately. Keep temperatures in vehicles as constant where possible, especially with birds.

After the move…

5. Set up their bed and familiar toys in a quiet room away from the chaos of moving boxes.

6. Keep your pet restricted to one secure room and gradually introduce them to the new space, starting with one room at a time. Be patient and allow time to adjust, try to be tolerant if they follow you around and make allowances for any accidents should they occur!

7. Cats can live happily in one room if they have everything they need. They may prefer a smaller space or somewhere with a hideaway for the first few days while unpacking and moving furniture is still going on.

8. Make sure your pet is fitted with correct identification showing your new address. All dogs must wear a collar and identity tag in a public place - owners risk a hefty fine if they do not. It is a good idea for cats to wear an ID tag too, especially if they are not chipped, so that anyone can access your details if your cat is lost or injured.

9. Gardens should be adequately fenced so dogs can’t jump or dig their way out.

10. If possible, take time off work and do not leave pets alone for long periods of time if you can help it. Your local authority will have advice on local dog walking areas so use this time wisely to get the whole family out and about in your new community.

Louise Ware, sales director for Barratt David Wilson Homes South West, said: “Moving house can be very unsettling for pets so it’s important to maintain their routine as much as possible. Following our advice can help moving house with a pet simpler, leaving you both to enjoy our new home in no time.”

Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes are building a number of new communities in Wiltshire. For more information, members of the public can visit www.barratthomes.co.uk or www.dwh.co.uk.

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