How Safe is it to Fax Personal Information Over the Internet?

By Swindon Link - 3 May 2022

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It is convenient to send a fax over the internet. However, there is always the constant threat of data theft and fraud when online.

Annually, online crime results in a financial loss of $318 billion for customers. An online fax service must protect against unauthorized access to data.

An online platform should encrypt all data for consumer safety and privacy when sending a fax. For more information, check out this blog to learn more.

What are Available Security Measures for Faxes Sent Online?

How can a company protect personal information from criminals? A reputable company provides the following to secure client information and data access.

·       Advanced end-to-end encryption for data

·       Data stays on the company’s secure server for a limited time or gets deleted

·       256-bit AES encryption for data

·       Two-factor authentication to access data

·       Third-party website hosting

Clients should feel confident that whatever information they send online is secure and protected from criminal activity. An online company that supports faxes should display its security measures. Clients should know what to expect if sensitive data is stored on company services or deleted within a specific time frame.

Protecting Medical Information Sent via Fax Online

How safe is it to fax personal information over the internet? Typically, a company won’t store any faxed data on its servers or anywhere unauthorized access is a risk. A company may keep a customer’s information on its servers for a limited time. However, this is done as a convenience for the client.

Ensuring HIPPA compliance when faxing medical documents online is a concern, as there may be some vulnerabilities. Taking extra security precautions helps protect medical information against theft or misuse.

How to Send a Fax Using the Internet

Sending a fax over the internet is similar to using an analog fax machine. An online service will have a form for a client to fill out on its website. Or a client may want to use an app. 

There should be a form to input a customer's name, contact information, and the fax number or email of the recipient. Next, the customer can attach whatever files they want faxed. Once the fax goes to the intended recipient, identifying data is deleted from a company's servers.

Why Choose to Fax Online Instead of a Fax Machine?

Old-school fax machines may not be vulnerable to hackers and criminals online. But, any information sent using analog machines is still at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

A fax machine may still retain copies of everything it sent. However, online, there are more layers of protection for a fax, so it is more challenging to get a copy of personal details. Plus, most companies delete copies of a fax, customer information, and identifying information after the fax reaches its destination.

How to Prepare Before Sending a Fax Online

Clients must be vigilant about protecting their privacy and data. When sending and receiving a fax via the internet, a company needs to reduce the risk of data theft and fraud. End-to-end encryption and dual authentication for data access are helpful.

Protecting a customer’s information ensures an online fax company maintains a positive reputation and affirms that faxes are secure. Sending a fax online should be a comfortable experience. So, using two-factor authentication, deleting client information, and using a secure website makes it possible to send and receive a secure fax over the internet. 

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