How forex can impact the import and export of goods from the UK

By Staff Reporter - 25 February 2021


As a business, you may want to know how forex can impact on your ability to import and export goods. It’s important to keep yourself clued up about the processes and changes to be able to accurately report finances.

Why can exchange rates fluctuate?

You’ll find that exchange rates float around freely against one another, which means they are in a constant state of fluctuation. The value of a currency is determined by the flow in and out of a country, for example, high demand for a particular currency usually means that the value of that currency will increase, thus making the exchange rate fluctuate.

The demand is driven by several factors including tourism, international trade, speculation and mergers and acquisitions, so it’s vital that as a business, you’re keeping an eye on all of these.

How can the exchange rate effect business?

The influxes in exchange rate have a direct effect on the trade surplus or deficit of a business, which in turn affects the exchange rate and so on. If a domestic currency is weaker, this can stimulate exports but make imports more expensive, and vice versa should the domestic currency become stronger.

It’s a complex system to navigate and keep a handle on, but as a business it’s incredibly important to understand how these rises and falls can effect your trading. To keep your company up-to-date, it may be worth looking into online forex tools that will help you to monitor the exchange rates and fluctuations more carefully. This real-time data will assist you and your business in more ways than you can imagine.

How can forex impact inflation rates and interest rates?

Forex can impact inflation and interest rates more than you can imagine. Inflation is more likely to have a negative effect, rather than a positive one, on a currency’s value and forex rate. A low inflation rate doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good exchange rate either, however an extremely high inflation rate is likely to impact the country’s exchange rates with other nations negatively.

Businesses should keep a close eye on the overall impact that forex can have on trading in and out of the country. This could have an effect on the bottom line and very quickly spiral out of control if not kept in check.

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