8 Useful Tools for Creating a Better Content

By Staff Reporter - 4 November 2019


However good a writer or content creator you think you are, you never consider yourself to be the best and always want to keep bettering your content by whatever means you can. Creating quality content is a challenge in and of itself, and once you do, it is difficult to maintain that standard. After creating the content, you need to polish it. It can take multiple drafts and many days to arrive at something you are thoroughly satisfied with.

In this case, you could use some help from the online world. With the world being so technologically advanced, dozens of tools are now available online, some of which you can use absolutely free. They are specifically designed to transform your content from good to better. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best.

To ease your tension, we have come up with 8 useful tools for creating better content, which are:


There is no better beginning for this list than Evernote. This useful tool works as a notebook wherein you can take notes, put in ideas, save reminders, and manage statistics. You can use Evernote to spontaneously note down ideas which you can use for creating content later. The tool also helps in saving pages or research that is important or useful, which you can refer to later for your content. You can add tags or highlights on the text you have researched which is extremely useful to save time. It can be used as an inspiration for your content. Evernote contains a text editor and helps you prepare your posts ready to be posted directly. Evernote is compatible with any device and is fairly simple to use.


A very important tool for young writers struggling with grammatical mistakes, Grammarly is an extension that you can add in your device and will automatically detect mistakes and suggest the appropriate edits. Some writers are true wordsmiths and have great creativity with sentence structure that can make their work sing. But their readers can be thrown out of their rhythm when they see a grammatical error. Grammarly is a tool to help you in becoming a better writer and gives justice to your work. You can also upload a document and Grammarly will analyze and point out the mistakes, suggesting corrections to make.

Headline Analyzer

Headlines and titles of your blog posts are the first things that your readers will come across. And not having a captivating or a compelling headline will not fetch you many readers. Even if your blog post or your writing is amazing, your bland headline can push audiences away. 70 percent of people read your headline, and only 10 percent make it to the end of your writing. To avoid this mistake, you can use tools such as Headline Analyzer. This tool will analyze the headline you have written and will provide you with an EMV (Emotional Marketing Value) percentage. It is calculated keeping in mind the emotion that is felt virtually. If it is more than 50%, you are good to go. If not, you need to try better options. Another specific headline tool is a ContentIdeator headline generator, which will give you options for the best and most engaging headlines to gain a larger audience.


One of the most popular editing tools online, Hemingway is worth the praise. Not only does it help you with tiny, unnoticed edits, but it can also teach you more about complex sentence structures and where to avoid them. It will show you the readability score of the content and corrects grammar. Basically, it is an all-rounder when it comes to editing content.


Sometimes, using images and graphics to support your text can be more understandable and relatable to readers, and also makes your work look appealing. Canva is a tool used for those writers who use visual design for their content or blogs. This tool can be used online for free. It has a number of templates that make it easy to create graphics and visuals. You could pick up any design or shape of the canvas, put any icon you like, and change the colors and graphics of the canvas. It has hundreds of icons and shapes to choose from, and it is extremely quick to make a unique design. For those writers or content creators who would like to have some aesthetic value to their blog posts, but struggle in design, Canva is an excellent tool.


This is an extremely useful tool when you are having writer’s block and do not know what topic to write about. It is actually used to search keywords, but it will give you full on topic names, titles, or subjects based on the keyword research through Google Suggest or AdWords. You are ready with ideas and headlines to write about when you are stuck and struggling to find subjects that your readers would be interested in.


This tool is also found online and is useful for editing the body of your content. It is free to use and follows an extremely simple procedure. You simply upload your document and select the writing checks you desire. Let it do its job for a few seconds, and then you have the editing suggestions. It will help in simplifying the text, remove spelling mistakes, check the character styles, report the overuse of words, and also detect plagiarism.

Calmly Writer

This is one tool that takes a different approach in offering you the help to write more calmly. With simple features such as insertion of subheadings and links, you can focus solely on the writing. It also has a “Focus Mode” which only highlights the paragraph you are writing and blurs out the rest of the text, helping you concentrate more.

Content is everything, and in the world of a writer, doing it right is important. With these tools, you will be able to better your content, which will definitely get you more readers. We believe you are good, but a little help can’t hurt to make your work better.

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