The 9 Best Healthy-Minded Restaurants in Swindon

By Swindon Link - 9 December 2021


Keeping an eye on your calories? Take a look at nine of the most healthy restaurants in Swindon.

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Trying to stay healthy is all the rage right now. Across the world, people are waking up to the idea that caring for the environment and looking after your health are extremely important. If you’re in Swindon and you fancy a healthy afternoon snack, a fitness-focused evening meal, or a scrumptious breakfast, read on below for the nine best eateries in the Wiltshire area.


1. The Core

Situated in Swindon’s ‘Old Town’, The Core supplies a range of healthy juices and calorie-conscious food items. Run by Kris Talikowski, The Core adheres to strict dietary requirements to ensure that each and every product offered is as healthy as possible.

Management and staff are firm believers when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. So much so in fact, that The Core offers various educational opportunities to a wide range of groups, such as schools, organisations, families and companies.


2. Eggelicious

Despite the recent closure of their main restaurant, Eggelicious is still going strong thanks to its eatery on Wood Street. A mere two blocks east from the Town Gardens, the Eggelicious E2 restaurant is worth visiting for the wraps alone.

Eggelicious prides itself on its ability to cater for many tastes. With a menu based on fundamental nutrition theory, Eggelicious’ owner Ash Mistry is a biochemist who clearly puts his patrons first and foremost.


3. Greek Olive

When it comes to Mediterranean food, there are few places in Swindon that can challenge the quality and service of the Greek Olive. Based in Farringdon Road, this Greek-style restaurant offers authentic dishes in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Thriving on simplistic elegance, the Greek Olive is immensely popular in and around Swindon. It is without a doubt the best Greek cuisine Swindon has to offer. With vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, the Greek Olive guarantees a little something for everyone.


4. Chennai Dosa

Chennai Dosa offers authentic South Indian food which is as flavourful as it is healthy. Within a year of the first restaurant’s opening, Chennai Dosa became the largest Dosa maker in Europe. Dosa, for those unaware, is a health wrap made from fermented rice and lentil batter.

Since 2003, Chennai Dosa has brought Sri Lankan cuisine to the United Kingdom. The growing franchise boasts high standards of quality through the use of natural ingredients and health-focused operating procedures.


5. Darkroom Espresso

Open seven days a week, with sit-in and takeaway options, Darkroom Espresso is the perfect retreat for any coffee lover. It’s owned by a 17-year veteran of the hospitality industry and, thanks to a small yet dedicated staff, the quality of service is unparalleled.

Darkroom Espresso isn’t only for coffee enthusiasts; the bespoke offerings include both hot and cold drinks, including an exclusive Round Hill Roastery beverage that proves local supply can compete with the biggest brands out there.


6. Director Club

Tucked away in a film studio on the border of the Cotswolds you’ll find the Director Club, a feature-packed restaurant that provides amenities few other eateries can match. For example, Club members have full access to meeting rooms, lounges, and saunas.

Aside from its luxurious facilities, the Director Club has attentive staff, numerous dietary options, and an affordable menu to boot. If elegant decor and a fancy menu strike your fancy, the Director Club is the perfect venue for sophisticated dining.


7. Giraffe

Unit 100 at the Swindon Designer Outlet belongs to Giraffe, a restaurant with an unusual name, a bright atmosphere, and a unique menu. The unconventional selection at Giraffe is as eclectic as it is wholesome, offering a multitude of dishes to suit every taste.

The staff are always friendly and the food is simply delightful. With constant specials to keep their menu as dynamic as possible, Giraffe’s focus on diversity is reflected in their menu items. From American-style pancakes to English breakfast veggie-style, every meal is truly delicious.


8. La Strada Restaurant & Bar

La Strada Restaurant & Bar features one of Swindon and North Wiltshire’s oldest pubs. It caters for up to 100 people and currently has a rating of five stars on Tripadvisor. Thanks to strict adherence to health and safety regulations, La Strada is also one of the safest places to eat.

Found in the village and civil parish of Broad Hinton, Swindon’s very own Italian bistro has close to 50 menu items, each one as authentic as the last. Tomatoes and basil are merely the start of La Strada’s culinary adventure. For the diet-conscious among us, all dishes can be gluten-free.


9. The Village Inn

Owned by a pub management company, The Village Inn takes the best of corporate culture and combines it with humble beginnings. It’s a traditional-style pub in the heart of West Swindon, with an extensive drinks menu and the healthiest three-course meal in all of Swindon.

With a beer garden, live sports, and pet-friendly facilities, The Village Inn is perfect for groups of any size. As a sign of their confidence in their abilities, The Village Inn’s own website is linked directly to Tripadvisor, a decision that many restaurants would never dream of making.

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