6 Good Reasons Why You Need IDX on Your Website

By Staff Reporter - 22 February 2021

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IDX is short for Internet Data Exchange and is a term used more frequently in the real estate industry. IDX is the policy and software responsible for displaying property listings on realtors’ websites after getting the information from the MLS or Multiple Listing Service.

This software allows users to search between authorized MLS properties in specific areas. This way, it’s hard to imagine a real estate website without IDX. Moreover, IDX is considered one of the only ways of evolving MLS, improving dealings between realtors, and easing the sale and purchase processes of real estate property. The number of real estate websites integrating IDX is increasing every day, and it’s for good reasons. We give you 6 of those reasons below as we explain the importance of integrating IDX.

1. Capturing Leads

With an IDX real estate website, you’ll get useful insights into your users’ interests based on their search criteria inputs. This feature will help you identify your users’ demands and most searched listings. Better yet, with this software in place, you’ll be able to send your visitors’ personalized email alerts on new similar listings related to their searches. If it meets their search criteria, you’ll be able to capture more leads by sending them new special listings.

2. Grabbing Attention

Thanks to the search criteria feature provided by the IDX software to facilitate finding matching listings for website visitors, you’ll be able to display relevant customized content. This practice will help you capture the attention of new leads and provide user-friendly search features on your websites, such as interactive map search and eye-catching property galleries. Soon enough, your website customers will be able to find their dream listings on your main real estate page, which will increase your overall sales. Customized web content has always been a mighty technique in attracting new customers and grabbing attention.

3. Driving Search Engine Traffic 

IDX software is search engine friendly and helps in increasing your website traffic. You’ll learn when you click here that it uses indexable listings on your website, which attracts new leads and helps in indexing your website’s search engine results. Think of social share buttons that let visitors share listings on social media or relevant backlinks. All of which are offered by the IDX software on your real estate website, a powerful way of driving more organic traffic to your listings.

4. Flexible Design

The IDX software provides a flexible and responsive collection of website tools to resize, enlarge, shrink, hide, or move your content so that it can be compatible with any device or screen size. It’s really important for your online portal to be easily accessible through different devices and platforms, especially smartphones. IDX displays your real estate listings properly on any screen, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The responsive web design also allows you to customize the outline of your page and display premium content at the top.

5. Cost-effective Options

Just like many modern internet-based solutions, IDX software and services are cost-flexible and can be optimized to fit your business needs. Most IDX companies and providers offer cost-effective options and plans that real estate agents can choose from. You can also address the traffic your website is currently receiving and get recommendations on the kind of IDX software that would suit your real estate website the most. Regardless of what you choose to do, you’ll be introduced to a number of IDX website options to choose from according to your preference. 

6. Sending Personalized Follow-up Emails

As explained previously, IDX integrated features allow you to find out relevant search info about your users, like their price points, square footage interests, and desired number of bedrooms. This information can help you conduct some of your marketing and retention strategies like sending personal listing updates and email recommendations to your clients and prospects. Marketing emails have a 14% higher click-through rate and a 10% higher conversion rate compared to users’ impersonal counterparts. Personalized ones in specific have six times higher transaction rates. With IDX software and Google Analytics, website owners can track their visitors’ searches on the site and find out their desired listings and house preferences. 



It’s hard to find a real estate website without IDX software these days. IDX went from being an extra feature to add to your website into an absolute necessity that keeps you up with the competition. Homebuyers use the internet as their main source for listings, and unless your website offers what they expect to find, they’ll find another real estate website. IDX makes it easy for your visitors to find their dream houses, as well as making it easy for you to target your prospects quickly. If you know what your users want, nothing can stop you from gaining more traffic. 

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