How To Improve Your Business This Year

By Swindon Link - 17 November 2022

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When it comes to your business, you are always going to be looking at ways to make it better and take it to the next level. There are some simple business improvements that you can make to create a more streamlined and successful approach to every facet of your organisation. Keep reading to find out more about how to improve your business this year.

Rethink your management techniques and technology


Keeping in close contact with your workforce can be vital for the future of your business. Improving your HR processes with online portals for benefits, booking leave, and viewing payslips can make it easier for employees to feel valued. It is also beneficial for workplaces to ensure employees are well connected with useful business messaging apps, like Slack and Microsoft Teams, which helps encourage collaboration and quick communication around the company. If you’re wondering how to improve your business this year, updating your company systems and processes, which might not have been updated in a long time, can help your business grow and manage aspects of the company much more efficiently.


Take a look at your customer service


The customer’s experience is at the heart of every business, and getting ready for the future means keeping your customers in mind. Focus on customer service and look at how to improve your business communication with existing and potential clients. Take a look at customer reviews and ensure that these are being checked regularly to assess your public image and how the customer journey can be improved.


Improving your technology can in turn help improve your customer service response rates. Dedicated customer support lines and live chat features on your website can make it easier for staff to respond to customers quickly and easily, can reduce waiting times and calming down any disgruntled customers before they leave a negative review.


Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with customers. Platforms like Twitter are often used by consumers to raise grievances, and being able to get in touch with them quickly can turn an unhappy customer into a returning customer.


Boost your delivery and order performance


Shopping online is more common than ever, so make sure that you are performing as well as your competitors in this area. Offering a straightforward ordering process with quick and reliable delivery times can help you stand out from the crowd. Don’t promise unrealistic time frames, but try to bear in mind how this is likely to be the cornerstone of any modern business.


There are also many useful methods that business owners and entrepreneurs can use to help them rethink their goals and become more efficient leaders in their industry. From books and podcasts, to industry expert webinars, there are plenty of entrepreneurial resources that can be found online and elsewhere, to help you rethink your management style, marketing approaches, and much more.


Invest in new systems and equipment


The range of equipment that you use in your company is something you need to examine when thinking about how to improve your business. To stay relevant in a competitive industry, you should upgrade from any old or outdated equipment to stay competitive with others in your field:


Utilising the cloud is a great way for businesses to make the most out of technology in the workplace. Getting your computer documents and files properly backed up is important for any kind of company. Rather than using physical filing and cabinet systems or unprotected folders on your desktop, using cloud storage for business is now very common for many companies around the world. Whether you need to store client invoices or internal HR documents, utilising cloud storage can help you to keep everything safe and properly stored.


There are many types of cloud-based systems used for a variety of reasons. While software like Dropbox is used for secure file storage, there are also cloud-based systems like Puisi B.Smart which is a system used for fuel management for fleet vehicles and site fuel consumption. With useful module add-ons, like Fuel Economy, and Tank Watchdog, operators can utilise the cloud to monitor fuel tank levels, run fuel consumption reports, and much more.


Considering what to invest in first is also something that business owners will also need to consider. Is there an area of your business which doesn’t function very well? Do employees struggle to update their computers? Are customers complaining about slow customer service responses? Thinking about what you need to prioritise at the top of your list can help you determine what new systems and equipment you might need to invest in to begin with.


If your business is running on an old system, it might be time to switch to a newer one that won’t have as many issues. For businesses who have been using the same clock-in or employee management system for years, it might be time to consider investing in a more up to date system.


If feedback is telling you that customers hate your long wait times for a response, then perhaps look into ways to improve your response time. There’s messaging tools and chat platforms which can help and businesses could also look into using FAQ pages and response templates too to help speed things up.


How to improve your business with your online presence


Technology improvements in business can be multi-faceted, but in order to prepare for the future you need to look at your online presence. Even the smallest and most local businesses should look to create a high-quality and accessible website. Social media accounts are also essential to help businesses advertise and connect with customers. It can be worth looking into website improvements and potential social channels to utilise, to help improve your online visibility and to reach a wider range of potential clients and customers.


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