Top 7 Books to Pass Microsoft 70-740 Exam. Why Combining Them with Practice Tests Can Be Helpful?

By Staff Reporter - 28 February 2020

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Microsoft products are always the most preferred in the market. They are user-friendly and results-oriented. This means that Microsoft products such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Azure, and Office 365 focus on delivering an effective and efficient business environment. In addition, Microsoft also validates a professional’s skills in technology through industry-standard certifications and exams. Below, you are going to understand the key aspects of exam 70-740 and the role it plays in a professional career.

Also, we’ll provide you with the top 7 preparation books and the benefits of using practice tests in your studies for 70-483 exam.

Exam 70-740 Overview

The Microsoft 70-740 exam is one of the three tests (along with 70-741 and 70-742) that you need to pass to get the credential of the associate level, known as MCSA Windows Server 2016. Exam 70-740 focuses on the installation, compute and storage with Windows Server 2016. The ideal candidates for this exam should have experience with local and Server solutions which include the data deduplication, configuration of volumes and disks, disaster recovery, high availability, failover clustering, and storage spaces direct.

This exam measures the candidate’s ability to accomplish the following technical tasks:

  • Installing Microsoft Windows Servers in compute and Host Environments
  • Implementing Storage Solutions
  • Hyper-V Implementation
  • Windows Containers Implementation
  • Implementing a High Availability
  • Monitoring and Maintaining Server Environments

In addition, it’s a 2-hour exam with Prepaway 40-60 questions, that will cost you $165.

After registering for the exams, you have to find the relevant books which equip you with precise concepts that will enable you to pass it with flying colors.

Here Are the Top 7 Books You Should Never Fail to Use

  1. Exam Ref 70-740 Installation, Compute and Storage with Windows Server 2016

This is the official Microsoft book written by Craig Zacker, it was published in January 2017. It equips you with profound skills and knowledge in decision-making and critical thinking which are important in solving real-world problems.

  1. MCSA Windows Server 2016 Complete Study Guide by William Panek

It is an ultimate book you can think of having. You will have access to the exam topics for 70-740, 70-741, 70-742 and the composite upgrade 70-743 just in one file. The book is available on Amazon. In general, it consists of more than 1000 pages of comprehensive MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential process information.

  1. MCSA Windows Server 2016 Practice tests

This book provides you with the practice tests for all the four exams associated with the abovementioned credential. It offers 10 packages each containing 85-question chapter tests that address the ten main domains of Windows Server 2016. It is an ideal book to help you gain confidence in answering any questions related to the entire theme.

  1. MCSA 70-740 Cert Guide

It is the best guide you can get for 70-740 preparation. Anthony Sequeira, the author, shares test-taking tips and hints that will help you identify your areas of weakness and improve your conceptual understanding of Windows Server 2016. This book is structured in a way that you get to engage yourself with exam preparation tasks that will help you drill down on the key concepts you must be proficient in.

  1. Microsoft 70-740 MCSA Guide: Implement and configure storage and compute functionalities in Windows Server 2016

This book covers all the exam objectives for 70-740 test. Basically, it starts with the installation and configuration of Windows Server 2016 as well as imaging and configuring it. By the end of this book, you will be able to vividly describe every aspect related to Windows Server 2016.

  1. Installation and Configuration of Windows Server 2016 Hands-on Lab Manual Guide

This supplementary book contains the virtual lab setup guide and exercises for the installation and configuration of Windows Server 2016. With this particular book, you will be able to implement every practical exercise and gain the hands-on skills in the ultimate maintenance and operation of Windows Server 2016.

  1. MCSA Windows Server 2016 3-in-1 Complete Study Guide

This book was written by William Panek and it covers the concepts which you must be conversant with in order to pass all three exams (70-740, 70-741 and 70-742) on your way of becoming certified. It clearly explains the concepts revolving Windows Server 2016 in its entirety.

What Other Materials Are the Most Helpful?

The mentioned books are a great source of useful information. However, there is a plenty of other materials that can also be used to improve your preparation, for instance, practice tests. They are very important for your prep because they:

  • gauge your readiness,
  • make you familiar with the exam environment,
  • help you identify your weak areas.

To find reliable practice tests you can visit the website. There you can download paid and free ete files and find a link for special software to open them — the ETE Exam Simulator. Regarding 70-740 exam, there you can find practice tests uploaded by recent test-takers and also a Premium Bundle at a cost of $39,99 which includes an expert-verified ete file of 280 questions with answers, a training course of 107 lectures and a 517-page study guide.

With accurate preparation, you will easily earn your MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification and work as a network computer systems administrator is network specialist. Specialists with this MCSA credential can receive an average annual salary of $74k according to

In a nutshell

It is important to upgrade skills because there are new changes that need to be adopted in every area of expertise. The Microsoft 70-740 exam gives you an opportunity to learn every new skill pertaining to the new Windows Server 2016 and successfully make the first step to gaining your MCSA certification. In addition, you now know the top books which you can use to sharpen your skills in the installation, compute and storage with Windows Server 2016. Also, make sure to use practice tests from to finalize your preparation.

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