How Are Businesses in Swindon Adapting to the Growing Online Market?

By Staff Reporter - 23 November 2020


Businesses across the world have been making the gradual shift online for some time now, and companies that have ignored the need to migrate to the internet have often suffered.

It is estimated that 1.8 billion people now purchase goods online, and it has been found that 63 percent of shopping occasions begin on the internet. Businesses can choose to go for a combination of physical and online presence, but the need to have at least some aspects on the web is more pertinent than ever.

Moving Online is the Key to Success in The Modern Age

The pressing need to move online isn’t just seen in the horror stories of companies like Woolworths and Toys R’ Us. It is also highlighted by the success stories of industries that have flourished after replanting their roots on the web.

One of the most notable migrations to the internet was that of the online casino industry, which has been thriving for the last two decades. Indeed, revenue from online gambling has already exceeded $60 billion and that figure is steadily rising. Getting into the growing mobile market has played a big part in that success, and developers now create content with a primary focus on these players. This is seen in the mobile slot games at LeoVegas, such as Boom Pirates and Disco Danny, which have been optimised for the portable platform.

The online casino industry is a mainstream example of a great online success story, but there are numerous smaller sectors that are adapting to the internet transition in a positive way as well. Business owners have racked their brains about how to modify their offerings for an online audience. Dentists are offering virtual check-ups, marketers conduct most of their sales calls via online tools like Zoom, and many tutoring companies have enjoyed more success on the internet.

Which Swindon-based Businesses Have Migrated Online

An online presence is a necessity for attracting new customers and boosting brand awareness. Some businesses in Swindon have realised this and have begun to make their services digital. The TechSwindon Summit recently revealed some of the ways that businesses in the area are adapting to technological changes.

The Swindon-based Nationwide Building Society now has the vast majority of its 17,000 employees working from home via the internet. The pharmaceutical company, Catalent, has also shifted a number of its workforce online. The rise of online conferencing apps has enabled companies to easily keep in touch with their employees and hold meetings, regardless of each person’s location. There are also a greater number of networking opportunities for businesses cropping up, with Business West running virtual webinars and networking events.

Some businesses in Swindon have excelled in offering more content online, with Dentalcare Swindon being a prime example. Customers can go on the website to see a comprehensive list of services and fees, and then use the page to book an appointment.

Switching a large proportion of a business’ products or services online is certainly the way to go in 2020, as more customers than ever begin their shopping experience via the web. Businesses in Swindon need to be aware of how crucial their online presence is in attracting customers.

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