Practical Ways You Can Optimize Every Inch Of Space In An Office

By Swindon Link - 17 May 2021


Our workspace is the place we spend a big part of every day. And if we want to be as productive and as motivated as possible, we have to make sure our office is well organized, and that space is utilized well. There are numerous ways you can achieve such a thing, maybe you are already doing some and are not even aware of it. To help you see what all you can do to optimize every inch of space in your office, we have prepared a few tips and tricks that will help you for sure.


Divide your space

As your company is growing, you will surely need more space for the new people that keep coming. If you are restricted by the number of rooms, this can sometimes get tricky. Of course, you would want your employees or coworkers to feel comfortable. You would want them to be able to work in peace. One way is building more rooms into your space. But, if you put up walls, you will surely lose a lot of room. Of course, if the space you are working with is large enough, why not?


Unfortunately, most companies are not in this position. Luckily, there is a much simpler solution, and a cheaper one - using floor screens. They take up a lot less space but will do the job well anyhow. As can be seen from the floor screens by Abstracta, they can provide you with more separate offices, and certainly more privacy. This is a very simple, yet effective solution for any company dealing with a lack of offices.

Remove bulky or unused furniture

The objects that will clutter your office the most will not be old folders or your computer, it will be furniture. So, if you have any unused or bulky furniture, try removing it, or replacing it with something more suitable for your office. This can be an old sofa, that oversized desk in the corner that’s just collecting dust, or anything else that is just a waste of space. When you remove those items, your office will look a lot more spacious, and you will have room for new, modern, ergonomic furniture. 

Think vertical

Continuing what we have previously mentioned, if you have any bulky shelves, consider replacing them with tall, vertical ones. This is a simple trick that can help you make use of the whole height of your walls, making space for other things, or just making your office look more spacious. And do not worry about the highest shelves. Just use them for files that you very rarely need. 

Aim for minimalistic decor

Office decor can most certainly make the place feel prettier and cozier. But, just like with many other things, sometimes less is more. If you want to feel like the space in your office is not cluttered, and that you leave the space for company-related files and folders, you have to keep the room decor minimalistic. This can be a few paintings, a few plants, or anything else you prefer. You can also have some of your walls painted in brighter colors to make the office look more fun, while still leaving space for everything else you need. 

Use your ceiling

When we think about decluttering and space-saving tips, we mostly consider moving things around on the floor and getting rid of things. But, companies do not have the luxury of getting rid of all files just because the space became cluttered. So, after a while, these can add up and create a mess. There is a simple, and yet not the most known solution - making use of your ceiling. 


There are numerous ceiling storage units you can get. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a broad variety of sizes. So, instead of thinking about which box to use next for old files that need to be kept, use a storage ceiling unit. This way, your files will be safely put away, and your office will have more free space than ever. 

Ask your employees

As for anything else, to know what would be the best for your office space, ask your employees. Even though there are general tips that work for most companies, every space is different. And since they are there every day, they will know what kind of issues need to be fixed, and what is the best solution for their office.



Optimizing the space in your office can certainly be a demanding job. But, hopefully, with the few tips and tricks, we have talked about, your office will look more spacious, you will have room for new things and your employees will appreciate your effort. Remember to always try out new improvements, so that your office always feels spacious and comfortable to work at.

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