Are Post Mails Still Being Used In Business Today?

By Jamie Hill - 30 October 2019


What if they were to put pictures of the most wanted criminals on the postage stamps? It would be easier for postmen to look for them while delivering mail and we’d never have worry about their faces interrupting our favorite shows or in every corner of the streets. Do you know why most people still prefer using post mails, or why it feels so good receiving a mail? It’s because of the effort it takes to send one.

The answer to your question is a big YES! As a matter of fact, the question should be why post mails are being used in business today. Letitia Baldrige, a renowned American etiquette expert once said that “a real thank you does not come by e-mail; they come in the mail in an envelope… and what comes out of an envelope is a beautiful thing to touch, handle, and to pass around for everyone to read.” This is why when planning the delivery logistics of your business, you need to put into consideration the possibilities of including a delegated mail service for your clients. The trick is to assign one of your employees, preferably your receptionist, to coordinate mail delivery. So why is all this important and why are post mails still used in businesses today?


To answer this question, we’ll need to take a look at the reasons and benefits of using postal services in this day and age. You may think that it’s an outdated strategy, but you’ll be surprised by how much the postal delivery services have changed over time. Today, there are dedicated postal service providers who use modern technology in service delivery. 

Below are some reasons why post mails are still being used by businesses today.

1. Improving Business Image

There is a sense of professionalism perceived when you utilize postal services. Most of your clients, even the millennials (and the generations that follow), will appreciate the fact that you took the time and effort to send them a mail. In addition to this, it also shows that you are concerned with the safety and security of the documents or products you are sending. There are so many top online postal services that collaborate with various delivery service providers to ensure dependability and accuracy in their services. 

The best part is that today, you don’t even have to worry about wasting your valuable time in between trips to the post office. Thanks to advanced technologies, there are various ways for businesses to ensure efficiency when it comes to handling mails. Investing in a franking machine for your office, for instance, allows you to print personalized stamps on your outgoing mails. Linda Cooling from says that apart from helping improve your mail-handling efficiency and saving money, a good franking machine includes a feature that allows you to print a marketing message or business logo, giving your outgoing mails a professional look. Investing in a franking machine will allow your employees to devote their time to important tasks rather than running to and from the postal office collecting stamps.

2. Post Mails Are Economical



The thing is, depending on your mailing frequency, the cost of mailing packages and mails to your clients can add up substantially. It can put a significant toll on your office cash flow. But in essence, if you’re a frequent mailer, utilizing the services of a dedicated postal service provider will save you the trouble of conducting the package delivery errands. This will not only save you money but valuable time as well. Most of these postal service providers have reasonable rates and a variety of options to choose from. At your own time, you can decide on the most appealing rates that suit your delivery needs.

3. Personalized Services

Choosing to invest in a professional mail service provider ensures that your packages and mails are given priority. In addition to this, your documents and other valuable items are closely monitored, eliminating the possibility of theft and loss. Certified post mail service providers employ professional couriers, handlers and drivers. Before they are even considered for employment, their recruitment agency goes through a series of background checks to ensure that they are trustworthy and reliable to handle your mails and packages. This assures you a great deal of accountability on the service provider’s part.

4. Post Mail Services Improve Work Efficiency

Instead of having an employee step out during working hours to run mail errands, hiring postal services will ensure that they are where they are supposed to be and doing what they do best. This is one of the main benefits of using a postal service for your business. It allows your employees to devote their time to improve the quality of your products/services. With proper coordination, postal services can greatly improve your business’ efficiency, especially when delivery windows and pick up are scheduled in good timing.

5. Convenience

It goes without saying that when you have just a few things to stress over, fewer things to monitor, and less to handle, you’ll be at your best. As the business owner, having a reliable postal service provider gives you the convenience of accessing services at the time of your choosing. Modern postal service providers have functional websites that make it easy to book for deliveries and pickups. When compared to handling your own shipping, utilizing the services of a postal service provider at your convenience means less work. This is also convenient for your clients because they don’t have to bother your office regarding deliveries.



6. Timely Mail and Delivery Confirmation

The prevailing use of electronic technology by postal service providers ensures that all delivery tasks are keyed into their system. Once deliveries are done, they sent prompt notifications confirming that packages and mails have been delivered promptly and in good condition. This helps to improve the efficiency of office administrators when coordinating with clients. In addition to this, it also helps to improve and streamline communication with clients, a key factor that can either make or break a business.

In this day and age, the efficiency and accuracy of business operations are important to ensure success. Post mail services, though a thing of the past, are undergoing a transformation phase brought about by advancements in technology. You can now enjoy mail services right in the comfort of your office, provided by the existing online postal services. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or time creating a delivery service structure that best suits you and your clients.


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