Use These Great Tips To Save Money On Printing Expenses

By Staff Reporter - 10 June 2020


It’s true that many of us are constantly thinking about ways to make money, but what about how we can work harder to actually save money? Small businesses must pay out all sorts of expenses, but one that always makes quite a dent in the bank account is that of printing costs. No business owner will ever call printing costs “cheap” by any means, but somehow there’s always a need to print something out, so our printers are still a useful part of the business despite emailing and cloud storage.

So, let’s look at some ways you can save a bit of money on printing expenses that can help the environment and ensure your business runs smoothly.

Printer ink

There’s been a lot of drama recently about HP and its ink subscription service, as this method of replacing cartridges hasn’t exactly gone down well with every user. You can’t blame HP for trying something new, but still, most consumers simply want to buy ink cartridges as and when they need them. Buying these items on the high street is far from affordable most of the time, which is why it’s better for everyone to buy recycled cartridges online because it’s cheaper and there are less ending up in the landfill. Find your printer model here and browse for the appropriate cartridges online.

Change your printer settings

You’re easily saving money if you use less paper and ink when printing! When you adjust the settings of your printer and switch up a few things on a Word document, then you’ll find that ink lasts much longer. For example, you can print in “Draft mode”, use monochrome, reduce the font size, and always print double-sided. Even the font type can make a difference, as Times New Roman is reported to be one of the most cost-effective! Always use “Print Preview” to ensure that you’re happy with the way the page is set up before printing – this means you won’t have to re-print if you spot a mistake.

You can also pick up an economical printer. There are many old-school printers that might be trustworthy to this day, but aren’t very effective in conserving ink. There are plenty of new, modern printers that are actually very affordable and do a great job of being efficient and still deliver quality pages. Try out the HP Envy5540, the HP Deskjet 3630, or even the Samsung Xpress M2070W as some of the best options for small businesses.

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