Popular Swindon ice cream vendor sells business and focuses on new venture

By Jessica Durston - 26 July 2022


Hadi Brooks, previous owner of Rays Home Made Ice Cream, has announced she has sold the business and will be focusing on her new business mentoring consultancy.

Hadi set up Rays Home Made Ice Cream - which can be located on Devizes Road - 11 years ago. 

She has now sold it to some new local owners, to allow herself the chance to spend more time with her family, and focus on her new small business mentioring consultancy My Business Buddy. 

Hadi announced on Facebook: "I am happy, excited, sad, nostalgic, proud, apprehensive - in fact, most of the emotions - to let you know that I have sold Rays Ice Cream.

"I'm so proud of all of our achievements over the last 11 years. I have met so many wonderful people - my team and customers, many of whom I'm happy to now call my friends. It's been a great journey and I have learnt SO much along the way."

The businesswoman said she had already received messages from members of the public, asking about the future of Rays. 

She said she wanted to allay any concerns, adding: "There's nothing to worry about. It is absolutely business as usual at Rays Ice Cream. [...] The new owners are amazing local people, who love the brand, and intend to continue with more of the same. I'm going to let them introduce themselves when they're ready, but fear not, Rays Ice Cream is here to stay!

"You probably won't even notice the change! Your ice cream will still be made by the same people and served by the same people. The way you place orders and book events will not change. Any orders already placed and events already booked will be fulfilled in the usual way."

More information about Rays Home Made Ice Cream can be found online at https://www.raysicecream.co.uk/

More information about Hadi's new business My Business Buddy, can be found at https://mybusinessbuddy.co.uk/

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