Traditional Sports Betting vs. eSports Betting: What Are the Differences?

By Swindon Link - 13 December 2021


The history of sports betting is very long and it is now established in the modern world. Millions of people participate in this industry which is increasingly gaining prominence. There are mainly two types of betting known as eSport betting and traditional sports betting. Read on to learn the difference between the two.



Historical Background

Traditional sports betting has a long history and it consists of certain elements that affect our opinion. In traditional betting, history plays a crucial role in shaping our opinion. For instance, in soccer, there are the best teams that have a history of performing well regardless of the adversities. As a result, this information affects the bettor’s judgment and influences their decisions. On the other hand, eSport betting is still a new phenomenon and the bettors cannot predict the outcomes based on past events. 

Data Integrity

Data is the key factor that drives eSports. eSports betting is run on machines and they offer a superior customer betting experience compared to traditional sports betting. There is a technique called matched betting that is commonly used by bettors. The question “what is matched betting?” is often asked; it’s extremely important to look into reliable resources to really understand how it works and what it’s all about.  With this technique, the bettor can make money from deals and free bets offered by online bookmakers. Instead of relying on luck, you can cover all the potential outcomes of different events by placing two bets. You will win no matter what may happen. Software or matched betting formulas are used to calculate how much you require on these bets to gain a profit. 

You eliminate the risk associated with all bets when you utilize the technique of matched betting. You can achieve this by placing the equivalent bet against similar outcomes so you win no matter what the case may be. However, this is not possible with traditional betting where you can place a bet for a particular match with a specific outcome. It’s either you win or lose. 

The Injury Factor

Traditional sports differ from eSports in that they include a physical aspect. In traditional sports, injuries can affect the outcome of a particular game. As a result, they influence the bettor’s strategies. In eSports, injuries don’t exist so they have no influence on the outcome of the game. Therefore, it is easier to predict the result in eSports since there are no external factors that affect the sport. 

Types of Bets

Traditional sports betting usually consists of familiar types of bets like straight bets, money line bets, and handicap bets. However, the variety of eSports betting is narrower. In eSports, you get all the number of standard bets at your disposal. You also have access to specific wagers and this depends on the type of video game you are betting on. Another aspect is that options in traditional sports betting are plenty. For example, you can consider betting on soccer, volleyball, rugby, golf, horse racing, or any kind of sport you can think of. With eSports betting, things are different. In the past, people who were interested in betting on video game tournaments had to look for betting sites that were exclusively dedicated to eSports. However, as the industry is rising in popularity, bettors can now choose from different platforms they can place their bets on. Other platforms offer both traditional betting and eSports betting. 

Different Competition Formats

Traditional competitions are mainly tournament, or league-based and can last several weeks or months. Most traditional sports have no match system. On the other hand, every game in eSports combines both league and tournament formats and matches decide different events. This makes betting more complex and exciting at the same time. eSports tournaments are few compared to traditional betting which means that you have a limited option when it comes to placing your bets.  

Digital vs. Reality

Another thing that makes eSports betting different from traditional sports betting is that no external factors can affect your bet. The games you bet on are entirely digital and there are no issues like injuries or bad weather that can affect your betting. Traditional sports betting is often affected by elements like snow, heavy rainfall, or storms that can lead to the cancellation or postponement of the event. Other factors like referee mistakes can also affect the outcome of your bets. Esports betting is not affected by natural conditions like weather. 

Traditional sports betting and eSports differ in some areas but are also quite similar in others. For instance, the betting markets and ideas are the same where the bettors try to predict the outcome of the game. However, the major difference lies in factors like history, weather, and other physical aspects.


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