How to Easily Make Squeeze Pages

By Staff Reporter - 19 January 2021

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As a budding entrepreneur, you may find yourself a bit frustrated with the number of leads your business generates online. You take the time to produce excellent content, hire a professional photographer to take Instagram-worthy pictures of your products, buy a flashy domain with fantastic themes and plugins, and yet you’re still having trouble drawing enough customers to your virtual storefront. The way to help push this endeavor forward is by implementing one of the most underrated tools available to you online: a squeeze page.

What a Squeeze Page Is

A squeeze page is designed to “squeeze” whoever is visiting the site for their email address by offering them something useful in return. You’ve probably encountered an iteration of this before: a web page screaming, “sign up here for ten dollars off your order!”. It doesn’t always have to be this obvious, though; it could be a more subtle way of encouraging visitors to sign up for your newsletter so that they can learn more about what you do. 

And, rest assured, squeeze pages are not always annoying pop-ups. If you are having trouble creating one that is engaging enough to convert leads into sales, the marketing expert Leslie Cohen recommends you compare top page builders on the market and then choose the one that fits your business needs. There are many exciting ways to incorporate them elegantly into your website’s aesthetics to lure in potential customers rather than turn them off. The following are a few easy ways to make squeeze pages work for you with as little fuss as possible.

Getting More Traffic

Before getting the parameters of your squeeze page set up, you need to find a way to bring people to your webpage. Without being able to reign in a few people, no one will even see your squeeze page. So, keep in mind that the squeeze page won’t help people find your product or service if they know nothing about it. To help make your page as successful as possible, think of a holistic strategy. 

To help you achieve exposure effectively, you can go the route of paid - or even unpaid - free channels. Google ads are a tried and true method, and they are definitely the largest network available to help your business show up in millions of online searches. But of course, social media platforms also offer very compelling advertising opportunities, especially Facebook and Instagram. They can help you reach people of different demographic groups and offer a powerful branding opportunity. 

Build a Call-To-Action

The first step to setting up a squeeze page is to include one CTA (call-to-action). A CTA is a phrase that gets your website visitors excited enough to take the desired action. A clear CTA on your landing page is incredibly important because it gets potential customers to take real steps towards becoming paying clients. But, you must keep it limited to your landing page and make sure that its mandate in adding their email address is clear and actionable. The user should know straight away whether they will receive free access to a webinar, some course notes, a discount, and so on. 

Elegant Copy

A crucial element of making your squeeze page work is to make sure that it has an elegant, clear copy that reels people in. Never have text that rambles for too long and is vague about your intent. Like any good, classic advertisement, it needs to be easy to read while providing crucial information to make users want to leave their email address for you. Convoluted copy defeats the purpose. You’ll find several free and premium options on the market, so make sure you do some research to make an informed decision. 

Powerful Reviews

While you want your central copy to be brief, implementing a few reviews or testimonials is a savvy move. This technique is called social proof, and you basically try to add one or two short testimonials just at the bottom of the email form field to get people interested and hooked. For anyone sort of waffling about whether or not to leave their email address, a great testimonial attesting to how great your product or service is can help convince them and bring them over to your side. 

Beautiful Graphics 

While the squeeze page seems like a simple thing, a lot goes into making it effective. Beautiful imagery and sleek graphics are important to make sure it brings people over to you and gets them interested in following your work, hopefully motivating them to make a purchase. It needs to be captivating, but it also can't be noisy. Cool graphics don’t have to be wild, but they need to be fun enough to encourage the audience to get to know more about your company and ultimately leave their email address.

The Offer

You need to devise an exciting offer in return for users to leave their email address. That’s what it comes down to in the end. It could be a promise to deliver interesting content, such as weekly recipe ideas or compelling long-form articles. You could also encourage them to leave their email address in return for free printable coloring pages, templates, or anything else they could be interested in and best represents your work. A webinar or ebook is also tremendously effective. And, if you can afford it and want to get people to purchase something from you right away, a coupon code is always helpful.

Avoid Distractions

While a lot goes into making a squeeze page fun and useful for your business, you still need to avoid as much as possible, making it look overly busy. If the page is full of excessive content, links, or anything else that could prove distracting to your primary goal, it provides the email address. The consumer is bound to either forget due to sensory overload or find it upsetting and prefer to avoid your site altogether. Be very careful because you’re probably paying for ad space online. Having reduced traffic to your site and not even netting email addresses is pretty damaging to your bottom line. 



A squeeze page is a powerful part of any successful website. Without a good squeeze page, you may not be able to attract the number of users needed to build a successful and sustainable business. It provides excellent added value and making one is a great skill any entrepreneur could use. 


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