Swindon and Cryptocurrencies in the Next Few Years

By Staff Reporter - 15 March 2021


The UK has long been recognised as one of the world's major financial hubs, leading the way and innovating. Cryptocurrency has been one of the biggest revolutions in the finance sector in recent years, gradually moving from the shadows to challenge for a place in the mainstream.

Although the use of cryptocurrency isn't yet widespread in local transactions, it continues to expand, moving out of investments and into retail. Swindon is one of these areas that has experienced new cryptocurrency growth - but what will the future bring?


Continued Investment


Although bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer a means of payment for transactions, they've also attracted significant interest from investors. Rather than acquiring bitcoin to pay for goods, many purchases have been for the purpose of investment.


Stockpiling crypto is one way to piggyback into the market, but there are other options that don't rely on the long-term ownership of the currency. These options include using CFD when trading cryptos, a way to track the price of the crypto market without the labour of digitally storing your own crypto stash. You can even use fiat payment to access bitcoin CFDs, a great alternative if you want to enjoy the crypto market's volatility without setting up your account.


In Swindon and all around the UK, the investment will continue to dominate crypto use for both those looking to accumulate their own bitcoin and those who want to trade the market.


Local Businesses Accepting Crypto


Although most people have now heard of bitcoin and crypto, it's not yet a means of payment that you'll see widely accepted across Swindon and other surrounding areas just yet. However, the tide is turning, and slowly, local businesses are beginning to adopt cryptocurrency.


If you want to use crypto, you'll have to do your research because there are still only a handful of places where it's accepted. This is gradually increasing all the time, and over the next few years, it's anticipated that its use will be far more widespread.


For now, there are some national chains with a branch in Swindon, such as CeX, which welcome the use of crypto. Shop around, and you'll find some local hoteliers and businesses are surprisingly receptive to crypto too.


Brexiti likely to have an impact on the use of crypto , with the UK able to create regulation to suit its own agenda. There have been persistent rumours that the UK will lead the way in crypto, creating a regulatory framework that makes it much easier to use bitcoin in everyday transactions.


Online Transactions


Bitcoin fans in Swindon may need to be patient over the coming years for crypto to be widely accepted in their community, but online transactions are available now. Many retailers include crypto in their online payment methods, and just like physical locations, numbers are rapidly expanding all of the time.

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