Employers should do more for their staff's mental health

By Jamie Hill - 23 November 2020


It's been a difficult year by anybody's standards as we cope with the fall out from Coronavirus. Mental health issues in the workplace are at an all time high but help for those issues is not keeping pace.

Employers are quick to say they have it covered, but statistics don't bear this out. Many employees think their organization should do more to help them. 

HR consultancy Buck’s latest  global Working Well report. shows that in the UK, only 26 percent of businesses had implemented a mental health strategy. Concerningly, even among those that have introduced initiatives, many aren’t evaluating their success. 

It's the same story with EAP programmes according to a report by the Employee Assistance Professionals Association which found that only nine percent of surveyed HR managers had attempted to evaluate the return on investment via sickness absence, productivity, performance or engagement.

“The EAP [is] considered to be simply the ‘right thing’ to offer,” the report read. “There is a fundamental perception of EAPs as a ‘cost-effective’ or ‘far less expensive’ option than other wellbeing improvement schemes.”

This makes an pre-emptive solution such as the TeamDoctor more important than ever.

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