Businesses team up to offer free child lunches for hard up Swindon families this week

By Jamie Hill - 27 October 2020


Mazza’s Munchies, G Waste and Your Sport Swindon have teamed up to offer children free lunches during half term in the wake of the government’s refusal to offer free school meal vouchers during holiday periods.

The free lunches will be available at Mazza’s Munchies from 8am until 2.30pm during the week and from 8am to 4pm on Saturday.

Local business owners Darren and Marie Hembling teamed up with Greg Wilkes (G Waste) and Steve Butt (Your Sport Swindon) to offer the free food for those in need this week.

Marie, owner of Mazza’s Munchies, said: "As a mum of three this is something I feel very strongly about having experienced the financial struggle and worry myself.

“A marriage break up put me in that position for a short time. The stress and worry for a parent about where the next meal will come from is awful.

“The free school meals were a godsend for me and my children. Thankfully I had friends and family that got me through it but sadly many are not fortunate to have this support.

“I would obviously like to help as many people as our supplies can stretch to and we will do everything we can to do what we can. If only one parent turns up to feed their child then our job here is done.”

Greg of G Waste, added: “I feel that in the 21st century no child should go hungry, there is no need for that to happen.

“I grew up having everything but now when I have conversations with family members they tell me of the struggle they had just to put food on the table.

“Myself, Mazza’s Munchies and Steve from Your Sport felt that we just had to do something to help during these tough times.”

Steve, owner of Your Sport Swindon, added: “I’m extremely fortunate to have never experienced the poverty and struggles that some families and children are going through.

“It is a travesty that some families cannot even afford the necessities of putting food on the table and and proud that I can do a little something to hopefully make life a easier for those who are struggling.

“This will hopefully be the first of many initiatives between G Waste, Mazza’s Munchies and Your Sport Swindon that help to provide support for those in need across the town. Right now more than ever, we need to be showing community spirit and help our fellow citizens where ever we can.”

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