Business leaders encouraged to buy Swindogs to create legacy trail

By Barrie Hudson - 18 September 2023


Old Town businesses are being urged to buy Swindogs at an auction tomorrow - Tuesday 19 September.

The Big Dog art trail to raise money for Julia’s House Children’s Hospice has been running for the summer across Swindon. 

It was the first of its kind for the town and featured more than 70 Swindog and Swinpup sculptures created by artists, schools, businesses, charities and other organisations.

Local companies are now being encouraged to bid and scoop up the Swindogs at their auction tomorrow night - Tuesday 19 September so Swindon can create a legacy trail for locals and tourists for years to come. 

Some of the existing businesses which sponsored the trail are rumoured to be interested in bidding on their Swindogs.  If other companies purchase Swindogs at auction, a legacy trail might be possible.

Old Town Business Association vice-chair of the Kris Talikowski said: “It would be fantastic if we could create a lasting legacy of Swindon’s first art trail by keeping some of the Swindogs in Swindon for people to continue to find. 

"In Old Town we are trying to club together to buy one, but we would actively encourage any businesses and companies to seriously consider buying one at auction so we can create a long lasting trail for people to enjoy.  That and the knowledge that all the money is going to a fantastic charity is a great reason to get hold of a Swindog to keep in Swindon.”

Big companies have sponsored various sculptures in key and significant locations. One designed by Mr A Singh was sponsored by Zurich and has sat proudly outside their new landmark building. 

Big Dog Art Trail Project Co-ordinator Chris Hyde said: “The towns across the UK that have bought their own art sculptures see a huge uplift in tourism long term as the trail can be extended for years to come, and people get to enjoy the amazing artwork.  

"We’re proud to have worked with all the key sponsors in Swindon and would love to see some of the Swindogs stay in the town.” 

The auction is being held at Steam Museum on Tuesday 19th September 2023 from 6.30pm. To find out more, people can visit


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