Walk a mile for Harry to raise funds for life-saving treatment

By Jamie Hill - 7 March 2021


25-year-old Harry has a rare aggressive form of brain cancer and a fund has been set up to raise £150,000 to help him access life-saving treatment not available on the NHS.

The charity, called Harry's Healing Fund is now asking people to do a Mile4Harry to raise money.

A spokesperson said: "Simply walk a mile for Harry and encourage your friends, workmates and neighbours to do this too by spreading the word. People of all ages can join in from any part of the world. We just need to get the message out far and wide!

"When the mile is done, just donate whatever you are comfortable giving."

25 year old Harry, has the most aggressive type of brain cancer; Grade IV Glioblastoma. He has an extremely rare case, instead of being in his brain, it began and is spreading through his spine - due to its location it’s inoperable.

The spokesperson added: "This amazing young man’s life can be saved by helping us raise money to access treatment for the rare form of cancer he is fighting, treatment that is not available through the NHS. It’s about giving Harry and his fiancée Sinéad the opportunity to live a long & happy life together.

"Harry has big dreams for the future & they revolve around helping others because that’s the kind of guy he is. Pretty remarkable given the fight for life he is coping with right now. 

"We need to raise at least £150,000 and the great news is that we have raised over £70,000 already. With your help, love, and support we truly believe we can save Harry’s life."

All donations to Harry’s Go Fund me Page will be most gratefully received https://gofund.me/3851aece

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