Matted, filthy dog rescued from ‘hellish’ conditions is now prize-winning pooch

By Jamie Hill - 17 January 2019


RSPCA officers rescued 22 matted, filthy dogs from a home earlier this year.

When you look into Hobbit’s bright eyes and stroke her glossy, fluffy coat you’d think she’d always lived the life of Riley.

But last year the poor two-year-old was living in disgusting conditions, in her own filth with 21 other dogs.

Hobbit and her friends were rescued from a home on the border of Hampshire and Wiltshire by RSPCA officers in March after complaints* to the charity about the dogs and the conditions they were living in.

RSPCA inspector Miranda Albison, who led the investigation, said: “The dogs were living in makeshift kennels and runs in the garden and inside the house.

“There were lots of dogs crammed into rooms and pens, they were all absolutely filthy with matted coats.

“The conditions were absolutely hellish. I can’t begin to describe how awful the smell was.”

Twenty-two Eurasiers - or Eurasian dogs, part of the Spitz family - were seized. Three, including Hobbit, went to Bath Cats & Dogs Home, an RSPCA branch.

Head of fundraising and communications, Rachel Jones, said: “When Hobbit arrived she was matted, covered in faeces and underweight with a body score of just two out of five.

“We tried to brush and clip her coat but, on our first attempt she got so stressed that we have to stop.

“We eventually had to sedate her and shave a lot of her coat as it was in such a terrible state.”

Staff spent three months rehabilitating Hobbit and teaching her to trust people again.

In June, Anna and Mark Abram from Chippenham, Wiltshire, rehomed her. Anna said: “Hobbit is so adorable and loving, she has learned so much in the few months we have had her.

“She has lots of doggy and human friends now, everywhere we go people want to take pictures and ask about her!

“During the holidays we went out for lots of day trips, she loves the beach and will go paddling in the water. We also took her to a festival where there was a dog competition - and she won first prize!”

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*The dogs were seized by police on welfare grounds and placed in the RSPCA’s care. They were later signed over and all were rehomed. Three people were investigated over the welfare conditions of the dogs - no further action was taken against two and one was given a caution.

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