Don't get caught out by icy weather! Sign up to council newsletter for the latest service updates

By Ben Fitzgerald - 9 January 2020


This winter Swindon Borough Council will be keeping residents up to date with any interruption to its services caused by snow or prolonged freezing weather through a dedicated webpage, in its newsletters and across its social media channels.

The dedicated webpage will give residents the latest information on all council-run services. Each council service will either have a red, amber or green icon next to it. A red icon indicates the service has been temporarily suspended, amber means the service is disrupted and green shows the service is running as normal. The council does not manage or publish information about school closures. 

The same information will also be emailed at regular intervals to residents who are signed up to receive the Your Swindon Newsletter. 

Followers of the council’s social media channels will also see regular service updates and important information relating to any service changes. 

Councillor Maureen Penny, Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and the Environment said: 

“When it snows, residents look to the Council for the latest advice and information, especially when it comes to services like waste and recycling collections, school transport and libraries. Last year, tens of thousands of local people saw our continuous flow of communications and found it to be very useful indeed.

“I would encourage all residents to sign up to the Your Swindon newsletter now, if like me, you would like to receive these updates directly to your computer or smartphone should the weather take a turn for the worse.” 

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