Commonweal School staff congratulate KS4 pupils on fantastic GCSE results

By Jessica Durston - 25 August 2022


Staff at Commonweal School say they are so proud of their KS4 students' GCSE achievements, despite the complications thrown up by the pandemic.

Staff at Commonweal School are congratulating their Year 11 students who are receiving their KS4 results today - 25 August.

The teacher say they are particularly proud of their pupils, given the context of their educational experience since March 2020.

Students were sent home due to the pandemic in 2020, when they were in Year 9. They were said to have missed nine months of face-to-face teaching. There was also another period of time in 2021 when students were unable to be taught face-to-face within the building.

The Commonweal team says it prides itself upon teaching independence, resilience and overcoming adversity – and that this cohort of its Year 11 students have produced some of the best results the school has seen in recent years.

In total, students completed 30 different GCSEs, plus equivalent qualifications.

68% of students achieved a Grade 4 or better in five subjects.

64% of students achieved at least five Grade 4s including English and Maths.

In addition, 30% of students achieved at least three Grade 7s. The school's Year 11 boys also made significant progress this year, which was said to be a key priority for Commonweal during 2021-22. 

Staff said there were notably strong performances in many subject areas including Languages, Music, Computer Science and Geography; alongside core subjects. 

Many excellent results have been celebrated, but staff have named a few individuals who achieved particularly high results - those with Grade 9s (which are reserved for the top 3% of students in each subject).

Commonweal staff say a special congratulations goes out to Stephen Obure, Henry Pinn, Oliver Hutton, Celeste Troncone, Shreya Rajesh and Milan Gohil.

Staff say they must also give a special congratulations to those whose progress over five years far exceeded the average progress students make. The school have praised the following students; Jaiden Colucci, Polly Loveday, Rosanna Headford, Jawairya Niazi, Will Finney and Megan Hutchings.

Chas Drew, Headteacher of Commonweal, said: “Congratulations to this Year 11 cohort. Given the disruption Year 11s have faced, they have not only gained qualifications, but improved their life chances. 

"We look forward to supporting them in C6 and beyond. As a diverse and inclusive school, Commonweal students have done themselves proud in lots of different ways today. A huge thank you to our community to include staff, parents and carers - you have been a fantastic support for these young people.”

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