Swindon primary school celebrates Deaf Awareness Week with new awards

By Barrie Hudson - 9 May 2024


Red Oaks primary school has introduced new awards for staff and pupils who help deaf pupils feel included and who foster a greater understanding of deafness.

The awards coincide with and celebrate Deaf Awareness Week, which runs until 12 May.
Staff and children have been nominated, by deaf pupils, to receive a special Red Oaks Deaf Awareness Award.
This year’s Deaf Awareness Week theme is 'Love and Trust' and the focus is everyone contributing towards a fully inclusive society.
At Red Oaks primary school, British Sign Language is encouraged for everyone. During singing assembly, class performances and throughout the day the entire school has embraced the BSL Curriculum.
Headteacher Emily Maxfield said: “We’re always proud to celebrate Deaf Awareness Week annually because at Red Oaks we spend every day of the school year making sure our deaf children and staff are fully integrated into the fabric of our school life.
"Our new Deaf Awareness Awards are a wonderful way for our deaf pupils to thank everyone who nurtures the welcoming and inclusive ethos at the heart of our school.”
The school’s dedicated Special Resource Provision supports deaf children from across Swindon, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire to fully integrate into their classes and be active members of the school community.
To celebrate Deaf Awareness Week, the deaf children have been thinking about those hearing staff and friends who make them feel included in their class and school or have helped them with their deafness.
In the awards:
- Chisom was awarded the Year 4 award because ‘she always gains my attention by tapping me’.
- Wiktoria awarded Nela the Deaf Awareness award for Reception year because ‘she always plays and signs with me’.
- Nicholas awarded Josh the Forest Deaf Awareness award because ‘he always chats and communicates with me’.
- Eloise awarded Anaya the Deaf Awareness award for Y5 because ‘she always makes me feel included’.
- Abed awarded Archie the Deaf Awareness award because ‘we always play together’.
- Autumn awarded Joey the Y2 Deaf Awareness award ‘because we play and sign together’.
- Isabelle awarded Sophia the Y6 Deaf Awareness award because ‘she always taps me gently to let me know if something is happening that I haven’t noticed’. Isabelle also nominated Mrs Hawkins as she always waits for her to be looking before she starts speaking.
- Lily awarded Eden for the Deaf Awareness award as she signs to her often.
- Charlie awarded Mrs Jones the Deaf Awareness award because she always helps him look after his hearing aids.
- Jesse awarded Mrs Harris the Deaf Awareness award as she always looks after his hearing aids.
- Freddie awarded Finn the Deaf Awareness award because ‘he is always helpful and plays with me’.

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