SAT Essay Writing Tips: Ways to Improve Your Score

By Jamie Hill - 5 May 2020


Students should pass different exams and tests to show their current level of skills and knowledge. SAT is one of such challenges and it’s important for every student. It shows how good their reading comprehension and computational ability are, as well as the ability to express their thoughts clearly. If their score is high, they sufficiently enhance their chances to get into the college of their dreams. Undoubtedly, it’s not easy to hit high and many students require help.

Some folks prefer cheap essay writing services e.g. CustomWritings because their skilled custom writing experts can easily tackle any piece of writing and provide smart tips about SAT. Nevertheless, they won’t pass it instead of you. Consequently, an online custom writing service is only additional support for you. The rest should be done on your own. We want to help you and provide a special article, which highlights smart SAT essay writing tips to receive high grades.

Know the Main Sections

First of all, you should plainly understand what the main sections of the SAT are and what you’re supposed to do there. You should brush up all the basics relevant to your test. SAT consists of:

  • Reading;

  • Writing and Language;

  • Math No Calculation;

  • Math Calculation;

  • Essay (Optional).

We guess you’ve noticed that the last section is optional and we’d like to focus on it. If you pass all the rest sections, your time limit will be 3 hours. You’ll be asked many questions in each section. If you decide to write an essay, you’ll receive 50 minutes more. You’ll have to write a complete essay on the suggested topic. It’s better to choose the last section because it helps to score more.

Read and Analyze the Passage

If you select the optional section about essay writing, you’ll have a certain passage. It instructs what you’re supposed to do. Make sure you read it carefully and properly analyze it. Thus, you’ll know how to plan your essay to make it perfect. Accordingly, you’re supposed to have good reading comprehension. Obligatorily train your reading skills to quickly and clearly understand what to write about.

Outline Your Main Objectives

Sometimes a single passage may have multiple questions to answer. If you receive such a passage, don’t be hasty and take some time to reconsider it. It’s better to outline the whole passage and cut it into smaller categories. Afterward, decide what question to answer first and which ones should follow. It helps to organize your thoughts and save precious time.

Before you pass the SAT, train your time management skills to be sure you’re fast enough. Select random topics to be prepared for different challenges. Review and pass the SAT of the previous years to understand what kinds of topics you might be given to disclose.

Answer One Question at a Time

Many students make the same mistake – they try to cram everything at once. Don’t repeat it because you’ll deprive yourself of important grades. As we’ve just mentioned above, your passage may contain several questions to answer. Your essay consists of the introduction, main body, and conclusion. You’ll have at least three body paragraphs. Accordingly, you’ll have some space to answer each question separately. One paragraph should disclose only one question. Thus, you won’t confuse your examiners and yourself. Use this opportunity to clearly disclose a single issue and go to the next one.

Make It Readable

Another tip we provide is to make your essay clear and readable. You’re supposed to practice essay writing every day for several hours. While you do that, give heed to the structure and readability of your texts. Many folks write too long sentences, stick to the passive voice, implement unknown words, etc. You should avoid all these mistakes. Consider the following recommendations, which make texts readable:

  • Write short sentences;

  • Avoid clichés, slang, abbreviations, etc.

  • Choose the active voice;

  • Stick to a formal tone;

  • Add subheadings, tables, lists, etc. (if they are allowed).

Be Straight to the Point

You should never go astray while you write an essay. Many students write watery sentences, which have a distant relation to the topic. It’s a serious mistake, which shows that you have no idea what to write about. All your sentences must be related to the topic!

Revise and Submit

As you have only 50 minutes, you won’t have much time to reread your essay. Notwithstanding, you should revise it at least once. Try to see the picture big to decide whether your essay is clear and logical. Improve what’s wrong, fix the mistakes, and submit.

Stick to our smart writing tips on SAT. They aren’t hard to follow and so, you’ll be prepared for the essay writing section. We’re quite confident that you’ll successfully handle this serious challenge.


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