How To Return To College And Get A Degree After Years Of Break

By Staff Reporter - 1 March 2021

College & Higher Education

Maybe you have always thought about getting your master’s degree but got into a job right after college? Or the idea of managing between kids and learning seems to be unreal? Whatever may be the reason, if you are thinking about going back to start or finish your degree, go ahead and take the plunge!


There will never be a perfect time. Family commitments and work responsibility make going back to college an impossible challenge. You keep putting it off waiting for a better time to come- which actually never comes. Reaffirm with yourself why you want to go back to college. Also pre-plan how you are going to get through it so you set yourself for success. 

Tips For Going Back To College After A Long Break

1. You Are Not Alone

As the years pass by, more and more adult learners are getting college degrees. With flexible time options and affordable college options, it is now easier for everyone to complete a degree. Many colleges have now set up extra resources to help adult learners to their path to graduation. Online courses too are now available to make it more reachable to everyone. All these factors are important indicators that more and more people are now getting back to getting a degree. 


2. Organize Your Finances In Advance

Making a monthly budget to manage your finance in terms of academic costs and living costs is vital as college can be expensive. Also with college, full-time work might be affected resulting in reduced income. With proper research, one can find affordable and best degrees for adults returning to college. Being financially independent is key to you being able to concentrate on your college and not worry about finances. Checking for financial aids, grants or scholarships can also bring financial help.

3. Prioritize Your Time Between Family, Work, And Education

You will need to balance college, social life, work, and family life. Outline how much time you can spend with each by making a schedule so that you are not overwhelmed. Including de-stress regimes can help to a great extent. Online learning can provide you the flexibility. If you are entering a full-time college, prioritize your class timings first are they are less likely to be flexible and not under your control. 



Then build your other responsibilities around that time. Having a schedule will help you stay focused because you will already know how your day will be rather than scurrying about trying to finish different things on time. 

You are motivated and brave and you have made your choice to go back to college. Your decision is made. However, years of work environment or home setting can affect how you prioritize studying. It does not provide the value of ‘real’ work. If you are studying pat time while working or have a family, it is all the more difficult. Things could get hectic too. It is important to keep your sense of purpose and don’t let these things make you quit too soon.  Remember the reasons behind why you started when you feel down and reaffirm and keep moving forward.

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