Nova Hreod take steps to reduce environmental impact

By Jessica Durston - 25 October 2021


The Swindon school is working to reduce its impact on the environment and empower its students to take climate action.

At the end of the last academic year, the school recruited a group of year 8 students to establish a Green Team.

The Green Team are responsible for driving up the school’s recycling rate and finding ways to promote better recycling habits among both staff and pupils.

This initiative is said to not only help to develop the pupils’ leadership skills, but also to help to develop their moral responsibility.

Kathryn Dominy, a teacher at Nova Hreod, said: “We are very early in our campaign but already we are noticing that more students are talking about being more environmentally friendly and the small steps they can take.”

Swindon Borough Council says climate change is one of the biggest issues facing the younger generation and that mitigating the impacts of climate change is only possible if we act collectively.

More information on Swindon Borough Council's Be the Change campaign can be found at

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