How To Help Your Teen Properly Prepare For University

By Swindon Link - 27 December 2021

College & Higher Education

If your teen is about to head off to university for the first time, you may find yourself feeling a little bit unprepared. You probably have a lot of questions about how best to help them prepare for this next stage in their life and where to start. In this blog post, we will discuss what you can do as a parent or guardian that will provide the most benefit and help your teen be successful at university.


Summer School

Summer school might seem like an unnecessary addition to your teen’s already busy schedule, but it can be a great way for them to prepare for university. Many summer schools offer college prep courses that can help your teen adjust to the academic rigor of university-level coursework. They can also learn about what to expect from living on campus and managing their time wisely. If you’re looking for a summer school that will help your teen prepare for university, consider checking out online trusted London summer schools that offer a variety of courses. In addition, many universities accept credits earned from summer schools. This means that your teen could potentially reduce the amount of time they need to spend in school once they start attending university full-time.

Get Involved In Campus Activities

One of the best ways to help your teen prepare for university is to get them involved in campus activities. This will allow them to meet other students and make friends before they start school. It also gives them a chance to explore different interests and discover new passions. Campus activities can include anything from student government to intramural sports. If your teen is unsure about what activities they want to get involved in, ask the admissions department at their chosen university for suggestions.

Additionally, many universities offer orientation programs for new students. These programs are a great way for your teen to learn about the campus and get settled in before classes start. Orientation usually includes a tour of the campus, information about student life, and sessions on how to be successful in university. Make sure your teen attends all of the orientations offered by their school, as they will provide valuable information that can help them during their time in university.

Create A Budget

One of the best things you can do for your teen as they prepare to head off to university is to help them create a budget. This will help them learn how to manage their money and stay within their limits. Some many online tools and apps can help with this, so be sure to explore your options. Your teen may also want to talk to someone at their bank about setting up a student account that offers lower fees and other benefits. By helping your teen create a budget, you're giving them an important life skill that will serve them well in the years ahead. This way they have a better idea of what they can afford.

Stay In Touch

When it comes to teenagers, the temptation of independence is strong. They want more and more space apart from their parents and potentially need a little bit less help as they grow up. However, this doesn't mean that your child should be completely cut off from you when he or she goes away for college. Keep in touch with them regularly even though they may not ask you for everything anymore - especially if there are any problems at universities such as anxiety attacks or homesickness which can happen just like during high school time.

The bonds that have been built between you and your teen during those crucial years will help both of you through the challenges of university life. And don't forget, it's not just about staying connected emotionally - there are plenty of logistical things you can do to help too! You can be a sounding board for ideas on classes and majors, talk about dorm or apartment choices, or even get advice on how to manage money properly as a student. In other words, your relationship with your child should continue to grow and develop even though they're now adults in their own right.

Help With Homework

As a parent, your role in helping your teen prepare for university is invaluable. You can teach them how to do their homework and study by example and with the use of helpful tips that will make it easier on them when they get there. Here are some great ways you can help.

One thing we always recommend parents do while students are still at home is to start getting them used to research on their own. This way they will be more prepared once they go off to school because college professors expect self-sufficient learners who know where to look for information on their own instead of depending solely on lectures during class time. Helping out with one or two assignments every week gives teens practice before going away so this part doesn’t become an overwhelming task once they’re on their own. Another great way to help your teen prepare for university is by setting a good example for yourself. Show them that you value education and working hard to achieve goals. This will motivate them and give them the drive they need when things get tough.

Encourage Them To Get A Part-Time Job

Though this doesn't seem like it would be the most important thing for your teen to focus on, many colleges and universities are looking for students that have some sort of work experience. This shows employers that they know how to play well with others (in a professional environment), how to stay committed to difficult tasks and responsibilities. If your child does not already have an after-school job or internship somewhere then encourage them to look into getting one soon! Even if the only place willing is their local fast food restaurant; get them working there so they can start building up their resume today. Especially in these last few months before applying when every single point counts towards being accepted - this will help prepare them better than anything else.

The best way to help your teen be fully prepared for university is by ensuring that they have attended a college or university preparatory high school. These schools typically offer extra courses during the day and in the evenings, including courses on writing essays, participating well in class discussions, speaking at public events, and developing leadership skills.


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