Best Profitable Business Ideas for College Students

By Staff Reporter - 5 October 2020

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Do you have spare time in your schedule? Why not think about starting a business? There are many advantages to college business ideas. It may not be a big business, but it will give you experience. It may not last long, but it is something to put on your CV.

Voice-enhancement App

This is an unusual choice, but becoming a common one. Essay Zoo and other sites will usually list this as a good business opportunity.

A voice-enhancement app, as the name suggests, enhances your voice. What purpose does this serve, you ask?

It has many purposes. Just think of how popular podcasting currently is! We are talking about business opportunities for college students. Podcasting is a viable business opportunity. Everyone is doing it because there is a market for it.

Where there is a market for people to use their voice, there will be a market for voice enhancement. Not everybody knows how to control their voice effectively. Seek them out; tell them about your app. Let them know how much it could help them. It could take them from good to great, with just one click.

Voice-enhancement apps are such a good choice because of where you are. Since podcasting is inherently part time, a lot of students try them. You have a built in client base. Use it.

On-campus Delivery Service

Any college entrepreneurs reading this article will love this entry. Why not set up an on-campus delivery service?

Delivery services are now prolific. We know that they work. We know that they are popular. Why not start and run your own?

Most delivery services cover a certain geographical area. Make your delivery service unique by confining it to the campus. Just think what you could do. Where would you start? What would you deliver?

Don’t confine it to just students. Why not have lecturers use the service too? Imagine being able to have someone deliver a USB cable. You would save people so much time.

The downside is that a delivery service can take a while to set up. Social media and other online features can mitigate that. They can’t remove all your difficulties though. This is a venture best kept for people who have a long period of study. It could be a good idea for someone about to start a postdoc, for example.

Language Transcription Service

A good business for college students is a language transcription service. Many colleges now have a huge foreign student population. You could potentially make a lot of money by transcribing for them.

Language learning is a funny thing. Someone can follow a lecture easily enough, but have trouble with reading. Or vice versa.

Why not advertise on campus that you are willing and able to transcribe? Make your abilities clear in the advert. You will probably find a lot of people contacting you. If you want to look official, then you should start a small website.

On your website, clearly state what you can do. Put your qualifications and your prices down. Make it as easy as possible for people to find you. The phrase ‘build it and they will come’ is not always true. You do still need to advertise.

A language transcription service is even better if you are studying that language. Think of how good that will look on your CV.


Why not try a consulting business? Consulting normally conjures up images of serious business. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Indeed, consulting is an ideal business for students! It is flexible, so you can fit it around your studying. It is open-ended, so you can consult on whatever you think is needed. It is low-cost, so you can afford to start.

The best way to start consulting is to find out what people need. If that fits your skills, then congratulations! You have a viable job idea. All you need to do now is set things up.

It’s best to start small, as with all businesses. Try and do some low-level advertising, to gauge people’s interest in what you have to say.

What makes college so interesting is the variety of students and experiences. You can meet all kinds of people at college. This is why consulting can be a good opportunity. There are always going to be people who need help.


Why not start a resume rewrite service? At some point, everyone is going to be writing or rewriting their CV. If it is a skill that you have, why not use it?

This is particularly a good idea for people who are doing business degrees. You can put your new-found skills to the test! Not only are you helping others, you are also helping yourself.

This is a more involved process than some other business ideas. Take a look at the ordering process for writing sites. They will give you some ideas for how to go about getting the information you need.

Again, this is where business training can come in. Why not try interviewing people for the information you need? Emailing can be easy and quick, but being face to face with someone can expedite the process.

Any type of coaching or training has lots of potential. Find out what you are good at, and then work with that. You can do it with anything.

Freelance Photographer

This is probably the most common small business for students. Becoming a photographer is very easy these days. Just buy yourself a half decent camera, and take a course. Half the time you don’t even need to buy a camera. The iPhones we all carry around have good cameras integrated into them. You can find good iPhone photography courses online.

You can easily fit freelance photography around your studies. Some types of photography take longer than others, of course. Decide which type you are going to do before anything else.

Photography is also a good choice for students because it doesn’t take much in the way of equipment. These days, using Instagram can get you started. Use social media wisely, and you can start a business within a few days.

The internet can help you find ways to reach out to potential clients. Use Instagram and other social media to show your talents. Find out what sites are best for selling prints and posters. Find other photographers, and see how they managed it.

Above all, practise as much as you can.

Find a Business Idea

Their key is to find easy businesses to start. Studying should be your first priority. You need a business that will fit around that. If the ideas in this article don’t suit, don’t worry. There are so many good opportunities out there. You will find one that works for you.

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