Is Teaching Abroad More Fulfilling Than Teaching in Your Own Country?

By Jamie Hill - 14 January 2020


Teaching is definitely one of the most rewarding professions there is. You get to spread knowledge about topics you find engaging or interesting, and you can feel satisfied knowing that you are helping others learn or discover new things. Teachers have always been a respected profession and because of this, many people have decided that they would like to pursue it as a job.

With so many people becoming teachers each year, potential educators can look for alternatives to the traditional route of teaching. Some decide to be freelance tutors, some decide to teach online. One popular option has been teaching abroad, and many people choose to teach abroad because they find it more fulfilling.

So, is teaching abroad more fulfilling than teaching in your own country?

1. Make International Friends

Other people around the world have the same thoughts about teaching abroad. They want to do something they believe is fulfilling. At least, more fulfilling than what they think they can do in their own country.


One of the reasons that people choose to teach abroad is to meet new people. Not just new students, but new friends. Other people who choose to teach overseas are always looking to make friends who share interests and hang out with them. It helps make the distance feel small when you have interesting new international friends to hang out with outside of teaching. 


Making friends is hard in the workplace, but many people who teach abroad will want to meet others like them. This can be a fulfilling way to teach your passion and make lasting bonds with new like-minded friends.

2. Travel Experience

Travelling can be expensive, and so can go through years of teachers’ college and university. What can be fulfilling about teaching abroad is that you get to see the world without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a lot of education or travel expenses. Visiting places like South Korea is hard if you do not have the money, but with teaching abroad you can accomplish that goal.


While you do need to be a citizen from an English speaking country like the U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Australia, etc., a Bachelor’s Degree or diploma from an accredited College or University is also part of the requirements. This is just one of the many information you need to know about teaching abroad, particularly in South Korea. However, The Asian Life has more information on this which you can read more here about, to understand how teaching in a country like South Korea can fulfill both your teaching and travel goals. Travel experience is hard to come by, but it can be done when you decide to teach to cover your costs.

3. Enhance Your Resume

Teaching abroad is a great conversation piece, but it is an even better way to build your resume. One of the ways that teaching abroad can prove to be fulfilling is in the fact that it gives you a unique experience over other teachers or educators. You can experience unusual situations and can learn to deal with more than other teachers. 


Even if you choose to teach abroad as a volunteer or in a paid position, it shows that you have initiative and can handle big life changes. Moving from one country to halfway across the globe is a huge sign that you can handle big changes. Maturity is a big issue that employers have with new hired and showing anyone you may apply to work for after your teaching abroad experience will help you get very far. 


Teaching abroad can be fulfilling financially, spiritually, emotionally and professionally. With so many ways to improve your resume, it does provide some advantages over teaching in your own country. One of which being teaching experience, where your home country may have too many teachers applying for jobs and not enough positions.


Teaching abroad can be a great way to gain experience working in your field if you planned on becoming a teacher. There are other potential fulfilling reasons to teach abroad as well. Among these; making international friends, travel experience and enhancing your resume.


Making new friends can be hard, but when you teach abroad, you are bound to find new friends who speak your language or will help you feel more comfortable in a new setting. Travel experience is fulfilling, but hard to gain on a small budget. Working in another country allows you to experience their culture while working to afford it. 


Lastly, you can enhance your resume by gaining valuable experience abroad that you might not have the chance to get in your own country. Teaching abroad can be fulfilling if you open your mind to the potential benefits it offers.


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