GALLERY: Compassionate Meadowpark pupil raises hundreds of pounds to help the homeless

By Jamie Hill - 27 February 2018


Isabella Phipps, a nine-year-old pupil at Meadowpark School in Cricklade decided to turn compassion into action by putting on a school-wide Cake Sale to raise money for Threshold Housing Link, Swindon’s homeless charity.

The entrepreneurial youngster managed to raise £200 for the charity having first approached headteacher Rajvinder Kular about her fundraising idea as well as the charity itself - all off her own back.

Mrs Kular said: “When Isabella approached me, she was quite concerned about how one could become homeless through no fault of one’s own.

"She obviously wanted to help and I was impressed with her initiative. It was an easy decision for the school to support the endeavour to raise funds for such a worthwhile cause.” 

Before the event, Isabella wrote a letter to all Meadowpark parents and staff about her initiative and asked them to contribute cakes to the sale.

Her mum Emma Phipps said: “The reason that she knows about the Threshold Charity is because her dad always does a sponsored “sleep out” for them every year.

"Isabella has always been a sensitive, caring sole and she really struggles to see people without a home. She wanted to do something to help and that’s how the idea of the cake sale was born!”

The Cake Sale was held on Friday, 9 February at Meadowpark School. The cakes and  treats donated by parents and staff filled 4 tables. 

Meadowpark School and Nursery is an Independent Private School in Cricklade, Wiltshire for children 3 months to 11 years. Opens Days are being held on the 9 & 10 March.

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