Helen Browning's Chop House to transform into farm shop

By Ben Fitzgerald - 20 March 2020


Helen Browning's Chop House, is turning its Wood Street restaurant into a farm shop.
In a statement the restaurant says:

We've been working really hard on getting ready to open as an organic farm shop today (2pm, 3pm or maybe 4pm depending on when the fridges arrive and our other deliveries!) We'll let you know as soon as we know. 

We're a restaurant turning into a farm shop which means we're using our catering suppliers and farm supplies. We have priced accordingly to what we are tied into buying our items for. We're in this to survive, not to fleece people. 

This is our stock list but not all deliveries might come in time so please bare with us! 

We will probably get some things wrong, we'll probably get some things right. Please give us feedback, and again, please bare with us in this new journey we're on together. 

If you can bring your own containers that would be great. We'd also appreciate cash payments due to a decline in internet.

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