How to have a blast whilst in Swindon

By Jamie Hill - 1 February 2017

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Swindon is right in the middle of an attractive area in the middle of the Wiltshire Downs and the Cotswolds and brings out the very best of urban and rural communities and amenities.

Despite many being fooled by its modern image, Swindon is in fact much older than people believe and has been around for a long time. It also played host to one of the world’ greatest railway centres for nearly 150 years! Swindon old town makes for a sharp contrast to its thriving business parks, which make this area a hot-spot for up and coming tech innovation. If you get the chance to pop down to Swindon then you will be in for a treat- there a multitude of different activities and places to visit that are sure to make everyone in your travel party feel happy and entertained. For tips on how to have a blast in good ol’ Swindon, check out our handy guide to the area…


Central to everything in Swindon is the Brunel Centre which is a modern, covered shopping centre that offers a wide range of shops and amenities to take a peek at. Here, you can expect to find almost every well-known national and international retailer so it may be worth visiting after payday to fully enjoy spending your days here!


The one thing you may find yourself having to travel a little further outside of Swindon to have access to is a casino. The nearest Casino around here is Grosvenor Casino and it’s about a 50 minute drive away. If you’re a casino lover looking for a little gambling action while visiting Swindon, then maybe pop in on your drive up here or alternatively curb your cravings by visiting the numerous UK online casinos available.

The Great Western Railway Museum

As we previously touched upon, Swindon has a long history linked with railways and even has a famous museum dedicated to the Great Western Railway. This proves to be a great day out for both the youngsters and adults in your travel party and offers everyone the chance to explore the interactive and hands-on history experience that tells you all about the people and locomotives who built the railway in the good old days.

Go Ape!

For those looking for an adrenaline rush, be sure to check out the great outdoors at Go Ape, where Swindon’s fabulous forests provide the ultimate backdrop to some fun and adventurous activities!

The Maize Maze

The Maize Maze is a great day out for all the family as it allows you to take the time to become one with nature and walk around the amazing maze! There is a picnic area and a shop that offers great cakes and snacks too.


One of the great things about Swindon is that it is a land enriched with Victorian parks and gardens. Swindon is full or areas that offer extended woodland and centres of cultural heritage so you will never be short of things to do.

Your Comments

I'm afraid this is pretty badly written nonsense - It feels like it was done on a napkin during a pub lunch. Swindon has a lot going for it, so to denigrate it to - and I'll paraphrase what you've written:

1) Swindon is older than you think
2) It has some shops - you will need money to buy things
3) Casino - It doesn't have one so you will need to drive an hour to go to the Casino but there's a thing called the Internet
4) Train Museum - fair enough
5) Go Ape - fair enough, but not open for another two months
6) The Maize Maze - Seriously! - That's closed this year

You guys are either really busy doing other things, in which case you should pay some people for better articles. Or you've given up and are just happy collecting your advertising revenue.

Posted: 2 February 2017, 12.34PM by: Robin Sayer

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