It’s as easy as riding a bike


On Two Wheels by Rob Derry of  Swindon Bicycle Users Group (BUG)

If you’ve got kids you may be worried, like a lot of people are, that the roads are too busy to let them scoot or cycle to school. The paradox is that if that thought leads you to drive them to school, you’re making the problem worse and reinforcing the view that the roads are too busy by adding another car in to the mix.

Of course, no-one wants to be the first to take that step and hope that everyone else follows their great example. However, every journey starts with a single step (or pedal turn if you’re a cyclist.)

Towards the end of March, there is no need for you for to be that pioneer. There is no need for you to be the lone voice shouting over the drone of queuing cars taking kids the half a mile to the school gates and clogging up the roads around the school making it difficult for people to cross the road. Sustrans are organising the return of The Big Pedal –

It’s a schools’ competition and schools or even classes can earn points for the number of kids, parents and teachers cycling or scooting to school. There are prize draws and while the competition lasts for two weeks schools can submit their best five days or there are single day competitions as well. There are loads of schools in Swindon that register for this, so do find out if your child’s school has done so. If they haven’t, simply email the Big Pedal web link to someone at the school.

Don’t think that your school has no chance because it’s a small school because that’s all taken into account.

Also, in 2014 Ferndale Primary school won the national title in the large primary school category with two other Swindon schools in the top 20 so who’s to say it can’t be your school?

If your school is entering, please do let us know on our Facebook page (Swindon BUG)