Justice Secretary Robert Buckland to outline plans to make serious offenders serve more jail time

By Ben Fitzgerald - 1 October 2019


South Swindon MP Robert Buckland is due to announce plans for the most dangerous criminals to serve longer sentences, in his role as Justice Secretary.

Addressing the Tory Party conference in Manchester, he will outline an end to the system which allows serious offenders to be released after serving just half of their sentence.

Under the proposals, those sentenced to at least four years in prison for offences which carry a maximum life term will be required to serve at least two-thirds of their sentence in jail.

In Mr Buckland’s speech, released ahead of the conference delivery, he is expected to say: "We're going to restore faith in the sentencing system. Because we Conservatives believe release should be earned.

"And that's why, for the most serious violent and sexual offenders, I'm announcing this Conservative Government will abolish automatic early release at the halfway point.

"These criminals will be required to serve two-thirds of their sentence behind bars.

"Because keeping the most dangerous violent and sexual offenders in prison for longer means they won't be out on the streets with the opportunity to commit crime. We owe it to victims to make this change.

"Punishment and rehabilitation are not opposites. We have to do both.”

"Conservatives believe in offering a second chance to those who are ready to change.

"Prisons simply cannot be giant academies of crime. So we will do more to improve rehabilitation in prison, and support our probation services in their vital work to supervise and resettle former prisoners."

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