STFC directionless - a column by Link Swindon Town correspondent Alfie Howlett

By Alfie Howlett - 27 March 2024


Very little has changed since my last column, in fact very little has changed for some time now.

Swindon find themselves lost, floating around, and lacking direction. It’s only a matter of time until they sink.

To me it appears that Town are sleepwalking towards a cliff face. For the time being they’ll full short of catastrophe, but next season it may well hit them. What concerns and frustrates me is their reluctance to get their house in order now. The fans can tell that Gavin Gunning isn’t the manager to take the club forward – he never was. 

But are the Town hierarchy waiting until the end of the season to confirm that? Or will the interim manager prove to be a manager in disguise? At this point it wouldn’t surprise me.

A more serious football club would’ve already taken the opportunity to appoint a successor, and maybe even let them manage the rest of the campaign. This would help sow the seeds and lay the foundations for next season. Instead, Swindon appear in no rush. And I have no doubt that this is down to their own incompetence. 

This is because on the pitch, Swindon can’t be considered a serious football club. In truth they’re run like a sinking ship, and sometimes the word run would be considered too generous. I struggle to recall many appointments or signings that have been a success in the Clem Morfuni era. Those that were can be traced back to the well-regarded former director of football – Ben Chorley.

It therefore comes as no surprise that I have little confidence in Morfuni’s ability to turn matters around. It has unfortunately got to the point where I can only see Swindon travelling in one direction. Backwards.

Matters are even more dire away from the dugout. If we’re unsure as to who’ll be in the hot seat, we’re even more unsure when it comes to who’ll be sat in the dressing room. Admittedly, Swindon are always used to experiencing a high turnover of players. However, normally there’s always players who the fans would be keen to keep.

This season, that number is concerningly low. If we’re to start from the back, Jack Bycroft will be a certainty in goal. From there it gets more difficult. In defence I’d only want to retain Godwin-Malife, Blake-Tracy, and Brewitt. In midfield, there is not a single player whose departure would concern me. And upfront only Paul Glatzel and Charlie Austin cut the mustard in my eyes. Of course, those six players might even think that their future lies best elsewhere.

This time last season, Swindon found themselves in an identical position in terms of things to play for. But at least I had straws of optimism to clutch to with young players improving and the arrival of Michael Flynn. 

Now, we genuinely have nothing to look forward to - there is no hope. And this won’t change. And that’s the saddest thing you can say as a football fan.

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