Key amenities your tenants want

By Jamie Hill - 9 March 2020

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To select tenants, landlords conduct screening, but in a competitive market, to attract the right people they must provide some key amenities. Bottom line, the landlord is ultimately responsible for attracting tenants, and the space’s features are the main aspects people check when they rent a home.

You should know that millennials make for 60% of the people looking for a house, and because they’re a tech-savvy generation, they reach at least three landlords before renting. They’re also renters for several seasons, so they ensure the place they rent offers increased comfort and security. 

If you’re the landlord put yourself in the shoes of the renters and understand what features would attract them. Yes, each place is different but tenants are looking for some common features when renting a space, so boost your chances to attract the right ones.

Flexible pet policies

Millennials are known for their love of pets and animals, so the majority of them have pets and are looking for a pet-friendly home. If you refused to accept pets until now, change your policy because there’ll be fewer and fewer tenants without one. 

The National Pet Owners Survey informs that 65% of people have a pet and they’d rather change their accommodation than to give up their animal friends. Cats and dogs make the most of the pets, but many people also prefer rodents, fish, reptiles, and birds. 

The advantage is that when renting to pet owners you can ask for some pet fees and deposits to protect your property from damage. Some dogs and cats have destructive behaviours and you must ensure your renters don’t leave a wreck behind when they leave. 


People love new things and if your place looks new it attracts their attention immediately. All renters know someone lived there before they moved in, but they don’t want to see or feel that, so it’s your role to renovate the space. 

You should think about when you buy a new pair of jeans, it doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive it’s, it’s great because it’s yours and it’s clean. And because it has no stains and marks, you’re sure no one wore it before. 

Clean and renovate the space to make your tenants feel special. Renovations attract the right tenants, people who love clean and well-maintained spaces. Focus your attention on the bathroom and kitchen.

Open floor plan

Open floor plan houses are perfect for renting because they create the impression of a larger space. How can you obtain one? You remove everything unnecessary and allow renters to bring their own stuff to make the space feel more like home. 

You don’t have to transform the entire house into an open plan area. Merge the kitchen and living room to obtain a spacious area where tenants can spend their free time. 

Security and Safety

To convince people to rent your house, promote its top features. Safe and secure properties work as powerful motivators for great renters. They won’t pay for a house they’re afraid someone will break into during night or when they’re away. 

When people are looking for properties to rent in a certain area, they also check crime statistics. So, you should do the same. Check the local crime statistics to find out if the authorities describe your area as a safe and secure one. Add an alarm service and advanced security features to make prospective renters feel safe and secure in your house. 

Tell renters you always change the locks between tenants and offer them a new set of keys. Go the extra mile, install outdoor lighting, wooden dowel for the bottom sliding glass door and deadbolt locks. For renters who need extra security measures, install an alarm system.

Parking space

People with cars find parking essential when renting. Off-street parking is preferable because they want to keep their vehicles safe. You’ll find someone fast if you provide a parking spot in a garage or driveway. 

When your house is placed in a suburban area, it’s easier for tenants to find available parking because they’re happy to leave their cars even on-street. If you have issues in pointing your tenants in the direction of a parking garage consult your real estate agent to find out how much this amenity influences your rental. They may recommend you to negotiate with a neighbour to use their parking space or they may point you in the direction of private parking you can rent, on behalf of your tenants. The importance of a good letting agency relies on the knowledge the agents have and the connections they establish with other specialists. 

Plenty of storage

Have you ever seen a tenant with no belongings? We neither. People have stuff they need to store in a closet, whether it be shoes, a vacuum, Christmas tree decorations or other similar items. When your house doesn’t provide adequate storage space, create it before listing the house for rent. 

If your house has a garage, storage shed or basement offer your tenants access to store their belongings. 

People love walk-in closets so if you have some room available, convert it into one. Even if this means decreasing the square footage of the living room or bedroom, it’s worth the upgrade because it attracts more tenants. 

High-speed Internet

When renting to millennials you welcome in your house tech savvy people so they need an Internet connection. NMHC reports that 91% of people use their mobile phones all the time, and 98% of people looking for a place to rent prefer one with good cell reception. 

If your property doesn’t include Internet and TV services, register with a provider soon because you need to capitalize your renters’ desire for connectivity. You’ll recoup the Internet and TV subscription fees by asking more for the place. 

Speaking of convenience, people nowadays also request in-unit washers and dryers because they don’t want to take their clothes down the hallway to wash them. It doesn’t really matter if your space is a single-family home or an apartment in a shared building, it’s important to have its own washing machine and dryer. 

Here are the top amenities tenants are looking for these days. Does your space feature them?


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