Incredible Benefits of Gardening and Planting

By Staff Reporter - 16 March 2021

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Getting out in the garden is for sure a great way to spend a day outdoors, especially if it's a lovely, sunny day. Unfortunately, a lot of people perceive this activity as something exhausting and boring, without seeing huge benefits of it.


Planting and gardening can bring people so many amazing things, and believe it or not, change your entire perception of life. Yes, it may sound like we are exaggerating, but we promise you we are not.

Just imagine how great it feels to enjoy your own cultivated patch of earth. It doesn't matter whether it is small or big, it's still an achievement. So, to open your eyes, and change your outlook, we put together a list of reasons why gardening and planting are the great joys of life.

What's So Great About Planting And Gardening?

Immunity Booster

Now, more than ever, it's of huge relevance to have good immunity. Precisely these activities make you stronger from within. Just think about the Vitamin D you'll be getting from the exposure to the Sun.

Direct contact with the soil that has a ton of bacteria and germs may not seem appealing to you, however, these factors contribute to developing and strengthening immunity against many negative things such as flu, asthma, colds, allergies, infections, psoriasis, etc. Therefore, you shouldn't be afraid of digging your fingers into the soil from time to time.

It Builds Your Strength 

No one can deny that it is a form of exercise due to the fact that you're doing small things like raking or cutting grass that can be freely perceived as moderate physical activity. Yes, you do have items that are helping you get the job done, but without the strength, you wouldn't be able to do anything.

Speaking of tools that gardeners use, there are many online places where you can obtain them at great prices. Namely, at you can get a hold of some spectacular vouchers. Now, let's get back to our topic.

All of these tasks that we've previously mentioned make sure you work your muscles and at the same time build your strength. As time goes by, you will start employing every major muscle group you have when gardening. 

Reasons To Start Planting And Gardening NOW!

Avoid Gaining Weight

It's difficult to maintain a healthy weight, especially if you're a huge foodie. But don't worry! Gardening is an activity that is surely going to help you shed a couple of pounds and stay healthy. 

According to some research, conducted several years ago, gardeners have drastically lower body mass index, and the chances of them being overweight or even obese are significantly lower compared with others. Furthermore, it can help you lose up to eleven pounds if you're a woman and approximately sixteen if you're a man.

You And Your Kids Will Love Veggies

It's hard these days to force your kids to eat veggies and a lot of adults refuse to eat them, however, it's entirely something else when you have your own. It's completely different when you grow your own vegetables.

It somehow gives you a completely new perspective. One study, conducted a couple of years ago has shown that children who were introduced to gardening from an early age ate a lot more veggies and fruits. They were much more delicious than the ones purchased in store.

They Combat Loneliness

After retirement, a lot of older people start to feel lonely because they no longer work, or are not part of any company anymore. Fortunately, there are numerous communities where gardeners can engage with each other and share some planting-related secrets.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recently stated that community gardens are useful collaborative projects where people can join forces and together create new, healthy products, such as fresh vegetables and fruits and maintain them.

Luckily, the American Community Gardening Association frequently offers various beneficial tools that are going to help others find community gardens nearby. It is doing this because it is aware of how useful it is and how it positively impacts people's lives. 

Furthermore, it stimulates social interaction, boosts confidence, affects the budget in a good way, creates new opportunities, and many other things. That's why they are doing everything that's in their power to help those who are interested in these activities. 

Enhance Compassion And Relationships

Many studies have shown that the time you spend around plants affects your relationship with others in a great way. Why is that? Well, it's because you start to become much more compassionate.

These types of people will almost always find a way to help others and they generally have much more advanced relationships with other individuals. People who care about plants and nature, in general, are highly likely to care for other people, will try hard to form connections and reach other to their peers.

Prolonged exposure to wildlife and nature enhances people's compassion for one another and it's all because they are extremely compassionate for our environment. All in all, being around flowers and various plans is going to enhance your relationship with other people.

You'll Be Happier

Our mother nature has given us unimaginable things and showered us with numerous minerals and vitamins. Namely, the soil is packed with bacteria called Mycobacterium vaccae which represents a natural anti-depressant.

What does it do? Namely, it releases so-called happy hormones in our body. Herbs such as rosemary, lavenders, and basil are perfect for our senses. Furthermore, they are filled with therapeutic properties and at the same time calm our minds and soul with their breathtaking fragrances. If you spend your time caring for numerous flowers, or any other plants, you are going to start feeling stress-free.

Protect Memory

Namely, this type of physical activity enhances how your brain functions and at the same time protects your memory. A few years ago, one research was conducted in Korea where they were treating people with dementia.

People spent twenty minutes raking and planting veggies garden and scientists quickly concluded that these individuals have a lot more brain nerve growth factors than those who haven't participated in this study.


It may not seem like a huge deal at first glance, but as you can see planting and gardening do a lot more than make your backyard look great or deliver yummy fruits and vegetables, so do not think twice and start investing yourself in it.

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