Best Web Browser Games of 2022

By Swindon Link - 30 April 2022

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Computer games never lose their relevance. Browser games are one of their varieties. They can be played without downloading additional software, i.e. directly in the browser. For them, there is no need to have hardware with a high-performance threshold. The only possible requirement - is the need to install the Flash plugin. Thanks to him, the game becomes even more attractive in terms of visual sensations.

According to casino howto, browser games have many advantages over downloadable games. If only the ability to play anywhere and on any device speaks to the reasons for their immense popularity.


Browser games are divided into single-player, multi-player and massively custom games. Single-player games are often simple and primitive and belong to the class of casual games. Multiplayer games are characterised by working via a dedicated game server. Transactions in a game can be either online or with a record of each action. In this case, the opponent can reply with a move when it is convenient for him. This is a plus because there is no need for the simultaneous presence of all participants in the game online. Most often these games are a class of board games. Massively custom games are by far the most advanced. Increasingly, they are three-dimensional, HTML5-based, and Free-to-Play.




Akinator is a single-player browser game created in 2007 by two Frenchmen. Already in 2008, the game entered Google Trends' analysis as the most popular game of the month. The game is available in 15 languages, including English, Japanese, French, German and Spanish. The game is available on Windows, Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices. No plug-in download is required to participate.


The game is available on the computer and in the mobile phone app. You can download it on your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play. There is no need to buy the game. If a participant chooses the browser version, they will be given the opportunity to puzzle 5 characters per day. The mobile version of the game has advertising, but there is no limit on the number of attempts. In both cases, Akinator is available in 2 modes: child and adult. If you do not activate the child mode, Gene may ask 18+ questions. This should be kept in mind when the game is given to a child.


The designers of the game ask the participant to think of a character. It can be a character from a film, a computer game, a TV series, etc. The algorithm does not have the ability to guess unpopular personalities. The Internet Genie asks 40 leading questions. They help the Akinator unravel the character. The player is given 5 answers: "Yes", "No", "Don't know", "Maybe partly", "Rather not, not really".


The principle of the game is based on Gene having a roster of characters. By asking first general questions ("Is your character male?") and then clarifying questions ("Is your character a character in the series?"), Gene either guesses or fails to guess the character he is trying to guess. The second option happens quite rarely. More often than not, mistakes occur in situations where a computer character has been puzzled or the player's answers have been untenable. In this case, the Akinator loses, and the participant has the opportunity to add this character to the base of the algorithm. To do this, the system will display a list of intended characters. If the puzzled character is on the list, just confirm it. If he is not, enter his name on the special line. At the end of the game, the screen will show how many times the character has been puzzled and even the date on which the character was last requested.


Blast Arena


Remember Bombers? It's a once-popular strategy game that, thanks to the developers, has found new life. Blast Arena is a multiplayer online multiplayer game that echoes the essence of its predecessor. In it, you find yourself in a game arena. Your goal is to kill all your opponents, otherwise, you will be the loser. The game involves 8 people at a time. It does not matter what country you reside in - anyone who has an internet and a means of access to it can play. Your main weapon is bombed. In the game, Blast Arena need to set mines, destroy obstacles to be able to move on and collect various bonuses. The latter is needed to reduce your vulnerability and increase your power. The blast wave here goes in a straight line, so there is an opportunity to hide from it around the corner. The game lasts until there is only one survivor. He becomes the winner.


The game starts with you entering the map. Your enemies are located in other corners of the map. You, like your opponents, need to place bombs in such a way that it is your weapons that cause your enemies to drop out of the game. Bombs, on the other hand, will become your assistants in the game. Use them to destroy obstacles in your path. By removing the walls you can not only progress in this war but also receive additional rewards - more bombs, increased speed. See your opponent on your path? Mine your way in and win!


Blast Arena is designed for those who want to feel like a real bomb squad. But it's not enough to plant explosives around the perimeter of a field and wait quietly for the result to be successful in an all-out mop-up. You will have to apply logic, planning and careful calculation of the kill zone. Remember - you won't get a second chance to send the treacherous enemy to the afterlife.


Street Skater


Street Skater is a single-player game from It was released worldwide on 19 April 2019. The game is made in the best traditions of pixel-based graphics. Despite the noticeable obsolescence of this technology, Street Skater has a large number of devotees. The game is curated in the HTML5 coding language. It allows it to be adapted to different platforms, including mobile devices. You can open the game directly in your iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone browsers. Another option to use it is to download the game onto your phone's home screen. This way you will always have one-click access to it. However, please note that this option is only available for owners of Android smartphones. The official app is available in the free games section of Google Play.


The game takes place in a metropolis at night, and you become the protagonist. The rules of the game are extremely simple. As the authors have envisioned, you'll travel through the drowsy city on a skateboard. The longer your destination is from the start, the better. On your way will come across many obstacles. You have to jump over them all. In the case of a collision with an obstacle, the hero dies, and the game starts again. You can track your progress online at the top of the screen. Despite the simplicity of the rules, the gameplay itself will keep you engaged for a long time.  


Rune Scape


Rune Scape is a browser-based multiplayer game that has twice appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records. The game is available in two versions. The free version showcases the in-game abilities of the characters and its features in general. In the paid version, gamers get access to even more territories, monsters, weapons, etc. The game has undergone a lot of changes since its inception until today. Incidentally, the incredible number of updates to the game is one of the reasons why it has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. The game is available in 5 languages: English, German, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The game is controlled using the mouse and keyboard.


The game is based on the events taking place in the kingdom of Gielinor. The kingdom is divided into several regions. Initially, you will need to choose a world in which the main events will take place. You will then be able to move between the other worlds. Your job is to get the better of your character. To do so you need to pump up your skills and take part in the quests. The latter, by the way, not only can open up new skills for the player, but also grant money, get NFT-items, and open new places on the map. As for skills, they are divided into paid and free skills. There are a total of 25 of them. Most are available in the free game. By enhancing their hero, the gamer raises their rank at the tournament table.




Isleward is a multiplayer cross-platform game. It was released on 26 May 2016 and has gone through several updates since then. Isleward is in the roguelike genre. Its algorithm includes open-source code with the ability to modify it as you see fit. The game is executed by all canons of modern HTML5 technology. Even though it uses pixel technology as the graphics, relevant in the 90s of the 20th century, it's accessible via any browser on devices with Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. You can play it for free. You only need a keyboard and mouse to control the game.   

At the start of the game, you will be asked to choose one of three characters. It can be a bear spirit, an owl spirit or a bobcat spirit. Each of the characters has a different power. Your task is to choose the one closest to you. Each character has its own weapon, which enhances the skills of the hero. To pass the game effectively you need to kill mobs, complete the suggested quests, and collect sets of cards and items. The latter two can later be exchanged for rewards.  


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